My name is Scott. I am the creator of the No Bullshit Male brand, podcast, and Instagram page. I’ve published over 250 articles on this blog since 2010, and my writing has appeared in The Tabata Times, Breaking Muscle, and The LedFoot News. I’ve written all my life; journals, essays, stories, and more. I’ve also spent the last 8 years Coaching CrossFit Group classes, and conducting personal training in the Far Northern Suburbs of Chicago, Bradenton, Florida, and Nashville, TN. But wait there’s more…

Over the last 20 years I’ve restored 46 classic muscle cars and trucks, and built a dozen from scratch. I’ve worked as a pinstriper, mechanic, car painter, road builder, roofer, truck driver, carpenter, plumber, equipment operator, chef, cook, barista, bar bouncer and laborer. My wife still believes I must have been a male stripper at some time. (I’ll never tell…)

Bradenton Beach, FL 2012

I’ve traveled to every state in the US except Alaska and lived in 12. I’ve visited 18 countries, studied 4 major religions, dated people of varying ethnicity and backgrounds, loved, and lost. I’ve been lied to, been had, cheated on, left for broke and dead on the streets, spent time being homeless, and survived to tell the tale. I’ve spent time working for charities and helped found a jailhouse ministry in Tennessee. I’ve had a small taste of wealth and fortune then blew it all away with credit cards and fast living. Now I’m building it back with patience and hard work.

I’ve had an interesting life, and I’m just getting started. The story of my life would fill several books, but that story is for me. I’m here to encourage you to write the story of your own life beginning today. This website is a chronicle of the things I’ve done, and am doing to change my own life and free it from wage slavery, mediocrity, dissatisfaction and poverty. I want more for myself. If you do to, how can I help?