Day 6: So far So Good

It’s day 6 of the New Year. I hope everyone is having success with their resolutions. I started my own program a few days early so I’m on day number 8. I just wanted to check in and share some of my own observations at this point and also answer a few questions I’ve received online.

I took Saturday off from exercising. I decided to spend the day hanging out with my girlfriend and dog and to run a few errands. Sunday morning I was right back on it again. My workouts have been simple. I call it the daily 300. I do 100 reps of some kind of pushing exercise. That could be pushups, db (dumbbell) shoulder press, Db floor press, or weighted pushups. I also do 100 reps of a pulling exercise, usually db bent rows or rubber band rows. I round this out with 100 squats or hip hinge exercises. A hip hinge could be db deadlifts, kb (kettlebell) swings, sometimes I do db snatches. It all depends on my mood honestly. I end most of my workouts with specialty movements like db lateral raises for shoulders, one legged split squats for my lower body, and a variety of movements for core development. My go to core exercises are abmat situps, abwheel rollouts, and db floorwipers.

I am not following any particular nutrition plan. I was recently asked to recommend one to a friend, so let me share that answer here. First, I would not recommend Keto to the average person. If you are severely obese then I would encourage you to cycle through it for 2-3 months but I just don’t feel that is sustainable based off of my own observations with clients. Paleo, has been something I have observed to work and work well over a long period of time. It’s sustainable and sensible. If you avoid the substitution trap, foods like “paleo brownies etc,” then it’s just a healthy way to eat and live. Once you get going and have a few weeks under your belt it will become second nature. I like it because it’s not a “diet” but a total nutrition lifestyle. Of all the systems I’ve tried in the past decade Paleo is the one I have good memories about. It will work well for most people just trying to cut some body-fat and achieve general fitness.

The only eating practice I am currently following is Intermittent fasting. I usually don’t eat before 12pm. I skip breakfast and drink coffee. Part of this is just habit. I’ve never really been big on breakfast and with having to get up for work at 4am most mornings I just don’t want to cook breakfast. The caffeine in the coffee suppresses my appetite and with being busy at work I just don’t get hungry. I consume all my calories between 12-8pm. Anecdotally this is said to help improve your immune system, testosterone production, and better regulate insulin levels. I’ve never done the blood work to confirm this, though several of the athletes I follow online have and reported positive effects.

I am not working out in a gym. I’ve been using space in my spare bedroom to do my workouts in. There are a few reasons for this. First I don’t like having to drive somewhere else to workout. If it were on the way to work so I could stop before or after then I’d consider but there are no places along my usual route. Second I don’t like paying to workout. Here’s the truth, you can get an effective workout in your own living room or backyard. It may not be flashy or especially exciting but it can be done. “I don’t have anywhere to exercise,” is probably the single biggest cop-out to exercise in the world. It’s convenient for me to be able to walk into another room and just knock out my workout and get it done.

When it comes to gyms I believe that this is another place in life where you get what you pay for and need to be serious with yourself when you consider your options. The cheapest place (Planet Fitness) is not the best option. If you’re serious about fitness you need to avoid PF. Despite all their “safe-place” slogans they are one of the most discriminating places you will ever go to. Their business model is built on the premise that you will fail and stop coming in. Any place that kicks people out for putting intensity and effort into their workouts should be ashamed of their self. Anyone that gets offended or “threatened” by someone putting intensity and effort into their workout should go fuck off! I mean that.

I am writing everyday. It has been a life long goal of mine to make a good living writing. Writer’s have to write. I am working on a book, and it’s not easy. My big issue is not a lack of something to write about but an overabundance of ideas and experiences to share. Trying to get everything ordered and on paper is the hard part, but its becoming easier every day. One of my goals for the next 12 months is to move towards financial independence. Writing is part of that equation.

So there is my Day 6 recap. I hope you’ve gained something from reading this. If there are any questions I can answer for you about different nutrition or exercise programs, comment below and I’d be happy to answer those questions here on by email.

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