Day 1: 2020 Goals and Plans

I didn’t make any new resolutions last night but over the past few weeks I have been putting together some goals and a plan for the New Year.

First, the daily 300. I actually began this 2 weeks ago. Every morning I aim to do 100 pushups, 100 air squats, and 100 Rows either with my rubber bands or dumbbells. I currently don’t have access to a pullup bar so I improvise. I do this “warm-up” before my workout proper. I fully expect that there will be days when I don’t do this routine especially if I’m going to be doing a heavy lifting workout later. However, it can be done anywhere and I have no excuse not to do it.

Second, I’m paying close attention to my fluid intake. A few weeks back I bought a reusable plastic gallon jug with graduated markings on it based on a 12 hour day. Basically you have targets for your water consumption from 7am-7pm. On the other side of this, I’ve been watching my alcohol intake for the past month and I’m planning on carrying this on into the new year as long as I can. Beer is my weakness, I admit it. I am especially fond of calorie laden IPAs and other craft beers. My own experiments have shown me that my beer consumption is the single largest roadblock in my path to achieving the physique I desire and staying lean.

Third, and last for today, I’m going to write more. Writers write, it’s just that simple. I can’t sit here at my computer and gripe about not having the career I want if I’m not doing the work it requires. Everyone has excuses. Mine is that I don’t have time after work and I’m too tired. It’s a common excuse…that people getting it done don’t hide behind. I waste a lot of time on stupid crap that seems productive, but is really just procrastination and busyness. My posts here on the website are an exercise in writing to keep my mind fresh. It’s also about momentum, it keeps the ball rolling.

Whatever your plan is for the next 12 months, the important thing is that you actually get moving on it today.

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