Let’s Begin


Let’s assume you’ve decided to get in shape. You’re tired of being sick and tired, fed up with feeling like crap all the time, you’re ready for change. Good, now what? Now is where many people start to stumble. What should I do? What diet should I follow? Should I start working out? These are all good questions. Let me help you answer them below. I am going to recommend a path to follow over the next few weeks to help kick off fat-loss, increase testosterone production, and help improve you overall health and fitness. While this program will be geared towards men, Ladies you would do well to follow along if fat-loss and health are your goals.

First, most of what you will hear on popular media about getting in shape, is just wrong. It’s driven by an ulterior motive called; sales. Getting in shape is not hard, it’s not torture, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get into great shape without joining a gym, hiring a coach, or buying books and supplements. If you have the funds to hire a coach, do it. It will help speed up the process, if money is tight don’t sweat it. This website is free to all and so is my advice. Everything you really need to know about real health and fitness is available online, BUT you have to take the time to first find it, second confirm it, and third act on it.

Let’s jump right in. You do not need to get in shape before beginning a workout program. You do not need to lose weight before beginning an exercise program. Start today! If you do nothing else to get in shape, do this. Get up open the door and walk outside. Go for a walk, go for a hike, go play in the river. It might be hot, it might be cold, it’s called weather and you my friend are a human being and wonderfully built to cope with both. Be a grown-up and deal. You as a man and we as a culture could benefit from some hardship and discomfort in our lives. Learn to purposefully put yourself outside your comfort zone.

Sweat is good! Our forefathers didn’t really need to work put because they worked all day long, outside in the weather, everyday. We confuse a job with work these days. Our professions often do not challenge us physically so we have to invent ways to introduce physical labor into our lives. How sad is that? From the time I joined the Marines in 1996 I have always worked in physical fields, construction, agriculture, manufacturing. When I wasn’t coaching I was busting my ass 10-12 hours a day.

For the next 3 weeks, do this, go for a 1 hour walk everyday. Yes you have the time, yes you can do it. Don’t argue with me, don’t look for excuses just go do it man! You did it your way, and your way left you overweight and out of shape, time for a new plan. The hardest thing you will have to overcome over the next few weeks are months and years of ingrained habits. In effect you will be going through withdrawal of a drug, and that drug is a sedentary lifestyle. Here is probably the most important lesson I can impart to you my friend. Real results, the kind that last forever, the kind that lead to a new healthy lifestyle; are not instant. You’re going to have to work at this for a while.

While you’re walking over the next 3 weeks, the only thing I want you to worry about in your diet is this. Eliminate sugar. Sounds easy doesn’t it? It should be, except sugar is a sneaky devil, and food manufacturers and advertisers are even sneakier. Sugar, High fructose corn syrup, brown rice syrup, cane sugar, whatever you call it, it’s in everything. Really the only way to avoid this stuff is to stay away from anything that comes in a box and bag. If it has more than one ingredient it probably has sugar in it. You’re going to have to stick to the periphery of your grocery store. Meat and Veggies my friend, are your ideal foods.

Now a reality check. Is it possible to totally transform your diet over the course of a weekend. Yes it is, is it likely; NO. Little steps lead to big changes. Don’t throw out everything in your kitchen, if you can, cool. Truth, that’s a lot of money going in the garbage. If you have a kitchen full of groceries eat them. But over the next few weeks let’s try to be aware of the ingredients in the food we’re eating. As you use up those old foods in your fridge and cupboard space just don’t buy them the next time you go grocery shopping. Start replacing snacks with veggies or fruit. Cheat Tip: every time your stomach growls over the next three weeks drink 12 ounces of water first and wait 30 minutes.

So there it is, for the next 3 weeks I just want you to do 2 things. Walk for 1 hour every day, and stop eating and drinking sugar. The basis of everything to come over the next few weeks will build off of these two simple steps. Can you manage this? I know you can, now go do it.

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