How to Lose Body Fat

“How do I lose weight?” Even though it’s been 2 years since I last coached a class, I still get asked this question on a daily basis. I may not be coaching CrossFit classes anymore or programming nutrition for dozens of clients but I am still dedicated to living as healthy a life as I can. I watch what I eat, I exercise and move as much as possible. I limit the negativity I am exposed to. Becoming Healthy is not hard. It doesn’t require a gym membership, coaches, or a custom made diet program. Listed below are a few tips anyone can follow to turn their health around quickly.

First, and most importantly, STOP eating sugar! It’s just that simple. If it has sugar or a sugar substitute in it stop eating it. No more soft drinks, no more alcohol (yes it has sugar in it, alot!) No more pastas, breads, donuts, pastries. Most of the foods labeled healthy, say “Low-fat” but contain high amounts of sugar. Sugar makes you fat, because most of us don’t do enough to burn the huge quantities of sugar we consume daily, that sugar is converted into and stored as fat in the body.

Second, drink more water! Most of the time those hunger pains you’re experiencing are actually thirst. The rest of the world would kill to have access to fresh clean drinking water and most of us are filling our mouths with flavored BS, soft drinks, and other beverages that actually encourage dehydration. You’re a grown-up drink water. Sure it has no flavor, it’s water, not entertainment for your mouth. Drink more water.

Third, eat more fats, natural saturated animal fats and meat. Your body evolved to function best by burning saturated animal fats for energy. Most doctors are still promoting a low fat diet that has done nothing but increase the rates of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes since it was instituted in the late 1970’s. Over the last 25 years a mountain of studies have confirmed the traditional grain heavy government endorsed food pyramid is just bad science. Ever wonder why your diet fails every time, because you’re eating crap your body was not designed to function efficiently on. Argue with me, ignore me, deny me, and keep taking those prescriptions your doctor is paid by pharmaceutical companies to hand out like candy, or actually do something to fix the problem instead of the symptom. More meat more saturated fats!

Fourth, move away from processed foods and back towards green vegetables and natural foods. If the ingredient list on the back of the box is a paragraph long walk away. Real bread has just a few ingredients, grain, water, yeast, maybe an egg or even milk but that’s it. Now go to your local grocery store and read the back of the bread loaf I dare you. To this point I encourage people to shop on the edge of their grocery store, where the fresh foods are kept, meats, veggies, seafood, dairy, and frozen meats etc. Stay away from the boxes in the middle. Think about it, how nutritious can any food be that has a shelf life of months?

Fifth, learn to cook, season, and grill your food. Most of my previous clients failed in their nutrition programs because fast food is just so much easier to get, especially when you can’t cook, and you’ve had a long hard day,, and just want to eat. Learning to cook and properly season natural foods is a game changer and in the end it’s so much more affordable than constantly eating out. Find a cooking class, YouTube Videos or follow great cooks on Instagram. Message me I’d be happy to share my own cooking skills to help you out.

Sixth, this is a two-part tip. Move more, I’m not talking about exercise, I’m talking about natural movement, walking, hiking, carrying stuff. Get outside for an hour a day and go for a walk. I don’t care if it’s raining, sunny, cloudy, or cool go for a walk. Pick something up and carry it for an added challenge. Forget the gym, GO OUTSIDE! Your body literally craves it and numerous studies have shown its a great way to reset and bleed off stress. Which leads to the other part of this tip, avoid negative people, influences, and stress. This does not mean avoid people that make you face facts and give you honest feedback.

Negative people are easy to recognize maybe even in the mirror. They are bitter, unhappy, always in the midst of some crisis or setback and generally make you feel like crap by being around them. Stay away. You don’t need that in your life and hanging around it is going to hold you back. Chances are these same people will also criticize and mock your efforts to get healthy and encourage you to slack off. Good friends and good people want to see you succeed.

I want you to succeed, I want you to have the energy to build the life you want. I’m sharing this information for free when I could charge hundreds of dollars an hour for it. It’s up to you though to actually do something with it.

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