Plan Your Meals

Do you know the best way to insure your New Year’s nutrition goals stay on track? Remove the luxury of choice. If you plan and prepare your meals a head of time, you won’t find yourself trying to decide what to eat during the week and settling on the lesser of many evils in the fast food world.

I eat the same thing everyday for breakfast and lunch. It rarely changes. Why, because its easier than trying to figure out what to eat everyday when I’m busy. Every morning I have 3 whole eggs, and 3 pieces of thick-cut bacon. That’s it, everyday. It’s simple, filled with protein and healthy fats and keeps me going long into the afternoon.

For lunches this week, I’m trying the “Man-Salad,” recipe I found on The Art of Manliness. This simple salad is made of fresh romaine lettuce, baby spinach, arugula, toasted and seasoned pecans, green olives, sliced avocado, homemade balsamic vinaigrette, and slow cooked chuck steak seasoned with chimichurri. The salad contains a good helping of healthy saturated fats, protein, and clean carbs and fiber. Once again, I eat it everyday.

Dinners are whatever my wife and I decide to make that evening. It’s not the same thing every night but it does follow a simple formula. We have some kind of lean protein, usually fish or chicken, add a vegetable, some seasonings, and you’re done. On the weekends we might try new recipes or go out. The rest of the time we stick to the plan. Sometimes we fall off, but we deal with it and move on.

I can already hear the complaints, eye-rolls, and groans from those of you who think eating the same thing everyday sucks. My first question for you is, are you serious about eating healthy and getting in shape or are you one of those jack-holes who goes around telling everyone how hard you’re working to change, but never really changes?

There is a very simple maxim in fitness, if you want to live and look like fit people do, then you have to live and do what fit people do. Fit people don’t eat garbage all day or hit the drive thru on their lunch breaks because they didn’t pack a lunch. Fit people plan and prep their food for the week ahead of time, because they understand temptation and want to head it off beforehand.

My second question for you is what is your relationship like with food? A lot of people who struggle with eating the same thing everyday have an unhealthy relationship with food. Food is fuel, that’s all it is. It’s a method of transporting vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in to the body to be broken down and synthesized into various hormones and peptides. All that technical talk simply means, get over it, its fuel not emotional comfort.

Some people will struggle with meal prep because they think food is supposed to be exciting and beautiful. I get it, I’m a foodie myself, but I’m also a realist. We’ve become spoiled in our modern society with our expansive grocery stores and farmers markets. In my grandparents time food selection was pretty limited to what you could grow on your own or buy fresh that day, and that was pretty seasonal too. You were also limited to local foods. No avocados from Mexico my friend!

Despite what we all see on Instagram, every meal does not have to be an audition for a Food Network competition. It just needs to get the job done. During the week you’re busy, you have limited time to eat, keep it simple, pack your meals and eat what you pack. its cheaper than eating out every day. It’s healthier, and once you develop the habit it’s sustainable for the length of your whole life.

FOOD IS FUEL, it serves your needs. Drill that into your head everyday until it sticks.

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