Fitness Advice for Real People

I love barbecue and good beer, I’d kill for coffee, and coaching has been my calling for over a decade. Sometimes these things don’t always go well together and finding a balance between good health and a life well-lived isn’t the easiest thing to do. My mission has always been to show people how exercise and nutrition can be part of a well rounded life and add to the quality of your experiences without taking it over. Strict rules and deprivation can only get you so far in the real world of jobs, kids, errands, and responsibilities. I hate those hypocrite trainers and coaches that preach a lifestyle that’s just unrealistic for those of us who don’t spend 10 hours a day in a gym or get paid to workout. It’s time for something better.

Here at The No Bullshit Male, we want to help you find that balance. If you have questions about how to live a healthy life while still enjoying some barbecue and beer on the weekends, we want to help. Please send us your questions so we can answer them on an upcoming podcast. Chances are your questions could help thousands of people just like you. So don’t be shy. Coach Scott The No Bullshit Redneck Trainer is here to help.

Please submit your questions in the comments below or on Instagram @scottnobsguy or by email at

Each week on the podcast we will pick 3 questions and discuss them on air. If we choose your question we will notify you so you can tune in.

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