Uncommon Fitness Tips

If there’s one constant on the internet it’s the endless amount of fitness and nutrition tips flooding social media every January. Let me share some uncommon fitness tips that I’ve found to actually have an impact of my own client’s goals and results. These are suggestions and advice I’ve prescribed again and again to new clients and customers looking to get in shape and lose some weight in the New Year.

Weigh yourself everyday. I know, BLASPHEMY! Most trainers will tell their clients to throw out the scale. I do it too, all the time. For a lot of people the number on the scale has become an unhealthy obsession. It becomes unhealthy when you begin letting that number have an emotional impact on you. We tell them to throw it out because its a shortcut and quick fix to get around the mental block. What we would rather do is teach these same clients to disconnect the number from their emotions. Understand that its JUST a number, it’s data. It’s truth and when you’re trying to change your life the truth is your friend.

Weigh yourself every morning after you’ve taken care of your toilet business but before you eat. Record this number everyday. Preferably on a graph. The goal is to track this over time to observe trends. Is it trending down? Great keep it up. Is it trending up or staying flat, maybe that’s great if you’re also reducing body fat percentage at the same time or adding muscle. If you’re not reducing body-fat or adding muscle, then we have an indicator that what we’re doing isn’t working. Your weight is just one number among many that can help you succeed. It’s not a representation of your worth as a person.

Don’t eat breakfast in the morning. I know that somewhere people are losing their minds with that one, but that’s okay, let me explain. I often tell my clients to eat breakfast first thing in the morning. I advise them to eat protein and fat. For a lot of my clients it works. It helps them feel fuller longer and they’re less likely to snack on garbage before lunch. It also works the other way for a lot of people. The older I get the less I “feel” like eating first thing in the morning. I’d rather drink some coffee for an hour or two, do some writing and take care of a little business first. Then I eat something. IT WORKS FOR ME.

I’ve seen tremendous success with clients that workout first thing in the morning on an empty stomach then eat breakfast afterwards. I knew when I was coaching the 5 A.M. class every morning in affiliates, that most of the people in that class hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. I couldn’t fault them for it. What are they going to do, get up at 4 A.M. to eat so its semi-digested before they get to the gym. If I eat within an hour of working out I will puke, most people will. Find what works for you, if it works. Screw what popular opinion says.

Finally, don’t workout. BOOM! Let that one sink in. A lot of fitness advice out there is predicated on guilt. We post pictures of our early morning workouts and fabulous foods we’re choosing to eat to make other people feel guilty about not prioritizing those activities. That’s what its all about. Here’s the thing. Guilt failed to get me into church every Sunday and as a motivator for exercise it will only go so far. There is nothing wrong with not going to the gym. It all depends on your goals. I would rather see my clients and friends out going for a walk, a hike, or just choosing to stand up instead of sitting down all day, then feel guilty because they couldn’t get to the gym.

Ladies and Gentlemen let me remind all of you that exercise and fitness are part of a whole life, they should not be your WHOLE-life! When that becomes the case, you’d better be getting paid for it in some way shape or form. People become addicted to exercise its very common. The endorphin rush you get from a good workout is just as potent as sex and some drugs. people will case that high at the expense of everything else. It’s not healthy. It will be easier for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle if your weekly workouts are just a part of an overall active lifestyle. How sad is it that our lives have become so inactive as a culture, that many of us have to invent work just to remember what its like to be a fully functional mobile human.

Have a great day Humans!

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