No Bull Shoe Review

The Army Camo High-Top Trainer from NoBull is the best shoe I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned quite a few. I’ve bought, tested, and reviewed everything from Reebok Nano’s version 1-6, to the Nike Met-Con 1 and 2, New Balance Minimus, and the ubiquitous Inov8’s. Since embracing CrossFit wholeheartedly in 2010, I’ve been on an endless search for the best all around training shoe and I’ve finally found it.

I’ve owned my High-Tops for about 4 months now and I’ve loved them from the start. My experience with NoBull began back in the summer of 2016 with a pair of OD Green low-top trainers and its been nothing but great since. In the months that followed I retired my nano’s, then Met-Cons, until in the end all that remained were my No Bulls. I used to have a pair of shoes for running, one for squats and Olympic lifts, and another for deadlifting. This shoe has replaced them all.

These shoes are rugged. The soles are meaty and provide a decent amount of cushion without feeling clunky. The grip on slick surfaces is excellent. I’ve melted 4 pairs of trainers during my time in CrossFit going up and down ropes. Not these. I’ve drowned shoes in muddy water, filed them with sweat and scuffed the tread right off of Met-Cons and Nanos. The NoBull shoes are tanks. The kevlar pebbled outers soak up all the punishment you can dish out and just keep coming back for more.

When I bought my first pair of NoBulls they were pricey at $120, but Nike and Reebok have caught up with them in price but not value. Where Nike and Reebok can’t compete is in comfort and build quality. My first pair of Met-Cons fell apart in just a few months. My Nanos never fared much better and outside the Nano-5, it seems Reebok is incapable of building a shoe that doesn’t give me foot pain. I’ve never been able to run in any nano without pain, and I’m a midfoot/forefoot striker.

I will admit there is a certain feel of exclusivity when wearing the NoBull shoes, they’re still an uncommon sight in many CrossFit affiliates and boxes.20180114_151906

The shoes come with two sets of laces, a green set and the bright orange set you see here in the pictures. The High-Tops are offered in a variety of colors and start at $169. That price may scare some away but you’re getting a shoe that is versatile, stylish, tough, and comfortable. I use thee shoes for everything, including casual wear. You can find them here at NoBull trainers I am not connected to NoBull or the NoBull project in any way and received no compensation for this review. I simply love these shoes. I know if you give them a shot you will too.

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