Own Your Reason

Did you start a new exercise program this New Year? What about a diet or nutrition plan? A lot of people did. In the fitness industry where I used to work this was our Christmas, gyms packed to overflowing with hungry new clients and customers yearning to be lean. I’m sure by now you’ve read all the snarky comments about how those same people will give up in a few weeks, complete with statistics and reasons why. I’m not here to do that. In keeping with our theme of Zero BS, I’m here to ask you to ponder for a moment, why you’re doing it.

Let’s get one thing clear from the beginning. There is no wrong reason to go into the gym. I work out for one very simple reason, I want to look good. Now I’m sure from a psychological perspective we could break that down into insecurity, self-loathing, and a lack of self-acceptance, blah, blah, blah, insert picture of ripped guy doing one-arm pullups spouting quotes. I’m not interested in that or in listening to the self-righteous assholes that feel the need to break people down and tell everyone they can, how superior they are. I’ve done it and its a dick move. So I stopped, because if you want to look better, if you hunger for a six-pack or a rounder butt, or bigger arms, that’s okay. That would be enough reason for me to train you.

Sometimes we over think things. Sometimes we tend to read more into actions then need be. Sometimes there is no hidden meaning. Yes if you’re obese or pre-diabetic, there are a whole host of medical reasons why you should work out, but that’s not going to necessarily be the reason why, you want to workout or lose weight. I’ll tell you a secret, whenever a medical client came to me and told me, “my doctor says I need to exercise,” I saw a failure on the horizon. When I heard, “I want to make some changes to get healthy,” I knew we had someone we could work with. If you don’t want to be in the gym, you will find a reason not to be.

While working for a certain ” Constantly varied, functional fitness,” affiliate it was very common to overhear coaches and trainers trying to brow-beat clients into searching for deeper meaning for exercise and training. Well if you’re not “training,” for something you’re just messing around. Clients were constantly pushed towards doing more, more technical stuff, more volume, more effort. I rarely heard those trainers ask, “Client, what do you want?” Here’s an insider secret, most people just want to look better. They want to shed a few pounds, fit into their favorite jeansĀ again, or impress friends at a reunion. Some coaches really need to accept this fact: Most people just don’t care about fitness like you do. They want to feel and look good! That’s it.

There are people actually training for competitions and good on them, but they’re an exception in most public gyms not the rule. We can’t all be “Elite.” If everyone was elite than no one would be. Maybe I don’t want to be a gymnastic God, whether have I have the potential to or not. Maybe, I have a few minutes so I thought I’d go workout, lift some heavy stuff, break a sweat, and get my endorphin high and leave. Maybe that is enough of a reason for anyone.

I get really tired of the constant barrage of memes and quotes and exultation to look deeper, that somehow just wanting to look better is shallow or not enough. Some people need that though, they need it. I need coffee every morning to prevent homicides so who am I to judge. If it’s your why then run with it. Coming from a long time Coach let me lay this out here, Your reason is your own. For me it’s not so important why you walked through the door, but that you came at all. So if I can help you get the best results on your why, and the best return on your investment of time in working out I will. We’ll save the why for a cold beer afterwards.

Tomorrow we’ll go over a short list of the exercises and moves I think, have the most return on your time investment for looking good, losing, weight, and getting healthier overall.

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