The Year of ZERO BS!


Okay, zero BS may be a little optimistic, how about we aim for less BS. One thing I promised myself this year is that I would tolerate less BS from life, the people around me, and the media. I changed the name of this website to reflect that. Let’s be honest for a moment, we all live in a world that is overflowing with bullshit!

If you’re uncomfortable with swear words you might want to look away. I cuss, I cuss a lot. I’m a 40 year old former Marine. I could edit my thouhts to provide a more PC article but that would be contributing to the BS overflow.

I’m not going to tell you that you should just go around saying whatever pops in your head regardless of the impact it has on others, that to would be contributing to the BS overflow. Men don’t do that. They don’t act like children. It is possible to express your thoughts beliefs and opinions without insulting others or belittling them. I talk to people all the time who I think are dead wrong. Sometimes they are, sometimes I’m wrong. Sometimes we’re both idiots just spouting off some garbage we read online somewhere, it happens.

Sometimes an adult must ask themselves the tough question, just because I can say a thing, does that mean I should. Would dignity and restraint more eloquently demonstrate my point, over yelling and trolling? Yes the answer is usually yes, in case you were wondering.

I think the worst form of BS out there right now are lies, the lies we tell ourselves and those we allow to be told to us. Those lies come in some insidious forms. As a fitness trainer I’m starting to notice the devastating effect that the edited, perfected, glamorized lives portrayed on Instagram and social media are having on people’s expectations. Having to explain again and again to desperate clients that there’s no way I can possibly help them trim off 100 pounds in 3 weeks in time for their high school reunion is trying.

I love Instagram. I use it for my business and website, but it’s not reality. Anything that can be edited, optimized, and filtered isn’t “real, ” it’s a presentation. I really do believe that you have to be careful about editing out the real and the phony from the likely and plausible on there. I mean really, just how many 25 year old billionaires can there be? If I was a billionaire I like to think I’d have better things to do than sell my “proven method.” Now if you’re someone who made millions, then I want to hear what you have to say.

Some more BS that I’ve decided to eliminate this year are all the people telling me how to live my life, or what I’m missing out on by not taking their advice. Never in the history of mankind have so many “experts,” had the ability to sound their voice without delivering any kind of wisdom or real value. Don’t be that guy yourself. Don’t be the guy who’s never touched a wrench but wants to tell you how to restore a car. Don’t be the guy that’s 50lbs overweight but tells his friends how to get fit. That’s just Bullshit. Don’t be the broke guy sitting at home in your parents basement telling people how to make money on Instagram and YouTube.

Simplicity is the goal, black coffee, yellow beer, BBQ without sauce, and love without conditions. Turning off the TV, talking more to real people, giving more thought to the example I set with my words and actions, that’s my recipe for zero BS this year. I’m hoping it catches on.

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