We’ve got it Backwards!

I was talking with my wife today about how upside down the fitness mindset is. We spend so much time as an industry focusing on workouts and exercises in our facilities and gyms while only giving lip-service to nutrition. I’ve never been part of a CrossFit affiliate where sound nutrition was anything more than an afterthought. Even the CF-L1 seminars give it no more than an hour of attention over the course of the 16 hour weekend. The sum total of the expert nutrition advice I’ve seen handed out to most members over the last 5 years was, “you guys should eat Paleo!”

If we cared as much about nutrition and diet as much as we did mobility, skill work, and performance, at least one day every week would be dedicated to nutrition lectures and presentations instead of workouts. Of course It’s hard enough to get most members to even focus on the importance of mobility and recovery as it is, let alone nutrition.

The thing is I know most trainers care about nutrition. It’s our own secret weapon, especially if you’re a competitor. I’ve spent years telling my clients that it’s not what I do in the gym that matters most but what I do outside of it that gets me my results. And as much as we tell them you can’t out work a bad diet, the message is still getting lost in translation somewhere.

It’s hard to say exactly what the problem is. Eating right is definitely not easy. However I can tell you it’s not nearly as difficult as its made out to be either. You can’t chalk it up to laziness either when you have people showing up to work out 5-7 days a week, every week, all year. I want to say its education  and information but I’ve spent 10 years trying to educate people and sometimes I feel the reality is they just don’t want to hear it. The information is readily available on the internet for those willing to do the research. Maybe in the end the very fact that its not easy and fast is the simple reason.

Whatever the reason I challenge you reader to flip things around. Spend 30 days focusing intently on your diet and nutrition instead of working out. In fact spend the next 30 days focusing on your diet first, then mobility, then simple exercise like walking or rowing, and no more than 2 days a week lifting. Just try for 30 days. Talk to a trainer, you can even email me for free, scott@bruteforcefit.com I’d be glad to give you some sound advice and direction. The point is and I mean this, if your diet was on point, your health could afford a month off from hard training without getting fat, gaining weight, or losing fitness.

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