Change requires actually changing things


A career in personal training and coaching has its ups and downs, it’s highs and lows. I have always enjoyed helping people get fit and find their inner strength. For every client that infuriates and frustrates me there is one that inspires me and reminds me of why I got into this industry to begin with. Since reestablishing our business in the Mid-west this past December though that feeling is waning. More often than not I find myself wishing I could do something else. Our business is growing and I enjoy my days but lately it seems that more and more I have to beg, brow beat, and force people to do what is best for their health and well being.

Changing someone’s health usually boils down to helping them change their habits. In other words I have to show them how to change the way they live their life. Unfortunately many  people want the results of change but are unwilling to adopt those changes needed to make it happen. Many want to continue on going down the “easy” road taking shortcuts, going half-ass, and generally being lazy while totally reversing their current condition. This is just insanity. There’s no other way to describe it. It’s also the most demoralizing unmotivating thing I have to deal with. I can place reality before a person’s eyes but I cannot make them acknowledge it no matter how attractive I make it, or how logically I present it,if they are unwilling to admit its there in front of them.

A few days ago I posted something on Facebook about people who pay trainers for advice than refuse to listen to it. I think this also applies to people who pay a trainer to help them change then immediately start arguing with them about their suggestions or start looking for ways around their recommendations. Often this manifests in the diet with substitutions and false foods. Things like “paleo-friendly” brownies and cupcakes infuriate me. If I tell you to stop eating sweets it’s because you need to avoid this kind of food wholesale not find ways to still enjoy it while staying technically in bounds so to speak. I think this is just a good representation of what our culture has become as a whole. We want health and to have the good life but we also want to keep all of our lazy habits and instant gratification conditioning. We want 12% body-fat but we also want to be able to pig out on pizza and beer.

Change requires giving up a few things and adopting some new ones. Holding on to the same old crap isn’t change its stagnation. Trying to lose weight by exercising and holding on to your old eating habits is like trying to push a boulder up a mountain with one arm tied behind your back, in the rain, with no shoes, and one ankle caught in a bear-trap. Yes it is technically possible but there are so many more efficient ways to do it.

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