90 Days of Flab


An interesting thing happened about 3 months ago; I stopped giving a crap about my diet. This is not to say I’ve been eating junk day in and day out. I’ve still stayed away from grains, most dairy , and added sugar (5 days a week). But my Saturday cheats turned into all weekend feasts and my six-pack of quality beer per weekend turned into 12 to 20 beer marathon sloshes. That’s a lot of beer for me. These excesses add up and they added up quickly in my case to the tune of gaining 20 pounds. I knew all along the way that there was going to be a price to pay and I have. That’s not to say it was all bad. I packed on more muscle and size from 90 days of beer and weekend carbs then I did in all the 12 months before that combined eating mostly clean and supplementing with Whey Protein Isolate. That’s pretty interesting and also slightly disturbing. Maybe this lends some credence to the notion that when trying to add size and strength most of us men just aren’t eating enough.

I think I’ve also proven just how badly pumping your body full of crap even on a weekend timeline can effect your overall health and performance. My joints have experienced a constant unspecific soreness. This despite my lifting volume and high impact cardio events actually decreasing dramatically. I feel constantly tired and unmotivated, my sex-drive fell off to next to nothing and it takes 3 pots of coffee to make it through the day. Were I observing this list of maladies in a client I would quickly conclude that a diet over haul was badly needed.

I’ve decided to call an end to my accidental experiment in self sabotage. It’s time to start thinking about next spring’s competition goals and start searching for the chiseled core that was my hallmark not just 6 months ago. I guess I could blame moving up here to the great white northern Midwest or that since beginning my home-brewing operation my beer consumption has quadrupled but in the end its my fault. I got burned out and I just stopped giving a shit. I’m betting many of you reading this can sympathize. Unfortunately when you make your living as a personal trainer and health example for others “not giving a shit” is a luxury you cannot afford.

Now I’ve decided to see how quickly I can complete some body re-composition. I’m not really interested in losing weight per say. In fact I’d like to keep most of it but trim the fat so to speak and rediscover my running ability. I’ve also decided to explore this eating thing so to speak. It’s become apparent to me that I need to consume more specific types of carbs in my diet and key times to facilitate increased muscle growth. I’ll be writing about that as well.

So to begin: I weigh 205 lbs, I’m 5’11”

My max Back Squat before my 90 day food-a-pa-looza was 325, Deadlift was 405, Bench Press was 265. I’ll be retesting all those this week and starting back on 5-3-1 to see how much I can increase those numbers by end of year. I challenge you to do the same if your fitness program has taken a wrong turn lately.

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