Maximize Your Time with a Trainer

As a strength and conditioning coach for over 12 years now I’ve seen my fair share of successes and failures. I can tell you that all success stories have a few common traits. The individual takes personal ownership and accountability over their health and fitness. In other words they blame only themselves when things don’t work out. Another trait is dedication; they stay on their diets and do their workouts. They are comfortable with change. Most successful people are not only willing to step outside their comfort zone but look forward to it. Failures also have a few common traits, the most common being a reliance on excuses and blame shifting for poor results or progress. If you’re paying for a trainer and want to get your money’s worth here’s a few things you can do to maximize your results.

1. Listen to your trainer. No seriously listen to them. If you’re firing back with a “yeah, but…” before your trainer even finishes talking or constantly interrupt them with all the reasons why you can’t (translation: don’t want to) adopt the measures they’re advising you’re probably not going to see good results.

Here’s the thing folks it doesn’t matter if you want to do it, like doing it, or are comfortable doing it. You need to shut up and just do what you’re told, end of story. If your way worked then you wouldn’t be out of shape and over weight would you? If eating the same crap that made you fat in the first place is your plan then you’ve failed before you began. You cannot out exercise a bad diet (why do I have to keep saying this?)

2. You’re paying for your trainers advice, stop taking advice from people who obviously need to work out and hit up a diet themselves. Everyone is an expert because they saw it on TV or read it in a magazine except nobody seems to be applying their own expert wisdom. Next time someone tells you what you need to do make sure they actually prove they know what they’re talking about. So many of my clients friends, spouses, and relatives like to offer free advice to them about what they should be doing. These same people are often models of everything wrong with health and fitness today. Yet without fail my clients will start each session with “so and so said” or ignore my advice because their fat friend said it was wrong. That’s right their fat friend said the fit trainer with 12 years of experience is wrong.

3. Be open-minded. There comes a point as an adult when you need to accept you’re wrong and no matter how much you would like a thing to be true or work you just have to face facts. Again if the same thing you’ve been doing with such “great results” was really so great then you wouldn’t have needed to hire a trainer would you? So often I hear clients tell me that something works despite the scale saying they’re 80 pounds overweight and them being out of breath after 10 minutes. These are often the same people that complain they’re not making progress but refuse to follow my diet advice. If you’re not going to do what I ask then I can’t help you and more importantly I don’t want to hear you bitching about it.

4. Harden the FUCK up and just do it. This goes back to all of my previous points. If clients would spend half the time they use bitching, moaning, and arguing with me about what they need to do and just do it they would double their results in a month. Of course this would first require admitting they’re wrong, to blame for their own poor health, and taking responsibility for doing something about it. Who wants to do that?

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