Wanting it!

Let’s talk for a moment about “wanting it,” and for the sake of clarity we will say that “it” is health and fitness, strength, weightloss, or a similar goal. A lot of people tell me all the time how bad they “want it.” Everyone wants something. If wanting it was all it took then there’d be 300 million billionaires in America. If wanting it were all it took to win there’d be 130,000 CrossFit Games champions every year but there’s not. The Denver Broncos wanted to win the super-bowl so did the Seattle Seahawks, the difference was Seattle went out and did it, they got it done. Seattle executed a plan to take them from contender to champion and along the way did whatever it took to make that plan a reality. They didn’t sit back and pray for someone to give them the Lombardi trophy. They didn’t think about it, wish for it, talk about it and tell everyone around them how much they wanted it, they just did it.

Talk is cheap my friends and I’m no longer buying. I’m tired of hearing how bad people want it then watching them going through the motions, and wondering why “it” remains just outside their reach. Fitness like any undertaking is driven by results; not good intentions, not dreams, and hopes. You need hope, you need dreams, you even need a plan but if you’re not really committed to acting it out, to doing the work, and going the extra distance to see that dream made real then you’re just lying to yourself and wasting your trainer’s time. You might like to surround yourself in a fuzzy blanket and believe only God will judge you but you couldn’t be more wrong. The world can and will judge you by what you accomplish; not what you meant to do. Your legacy in life will be those things you finished and did, not what you hoped to do. Dreamers are important but until they actually do something with that dream they’re just another lazy hipster. This is the reality you live in and I suggest you wrap your mind around it soon.

I see people come and go as a trainer and sadly I see more failures than I do successes and it all revolves around the difference between “wanting” something, and the reality of being willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. My fiancée is a success story. When I first met her it was plain to see that she wanted to lose weight. She wanted to change her life, she wanted more. She didn’t talk much about it though, she just did it. She was up at 4am hitting a treadmill before work. She was sweating through her lunch hour under a heavy barbell. When I met her she didn’t have a solid concept of where she wanted to go but she knew where she had been and that was enough motivation to keep her moving forward. I’ve watched her suffer through injuries and break out in tears not because of the pain but because of the setback it meant for her training and progress. That’s passion, that’s going from “wanting it” to living, breathing, and doing it with every ounce of your strength and will.

Here’s the truth, many people in America are soft. They have about as much grit and depth of character as the 3 year old children they behave like. They do the bare minimum, choose the lightest weights, take rest breaks way too frequently, then whine like spoiled brats when you push them. Then they complain to you when they aren’t trimming down, cutting fat, or adding weight to their lifts. They have no passion for this. These people will tell me ten times a day how bad they want it then come back the next visit and slack through the whole workout again. They’re liars, they’re frauds, and they’re doomed to repeat the same unending unsatisfying loop or depression and emptiness the rest of their lives. They have no real passion for health and fitness and approach every workout like its after-school detention. Passion is the key my friends it’s the driving force that turns dreamers into doers, and contenders into winners. The “wanters” come to class somber, with a ho-hum attitude walking through the door with a sigh and a frown just looking to tell me all about how bad they feel, how someone offended them, screwed them over, ruined their day, and generally re-enforce the opinion I already hold of them that these sad saps that suck the life out of me really do honestly believe the whole world revolves around them and if they can’t get ahead it’s because the world won’t let them, give it to them, or bow down before their intense “want” and desire to have something.

I’m tired of these people. You don’t “want it” friends, you want everyone to see you going after it, you want to be congratulated on all your hard effort and work, you want sympathy. What you want is your mama’s teet back in your mouth and an excuse to lay in bed all day and pout. I’m done with people like this and you should feel the same especially if you are one of these people.

This world respects doers. I know because I was one of you; big-talkers, planners, and “wanters.” The world got tired of me though and it gave me a healthy hard-slap to the face dose of Cowboy the fuck up and just get it done. That’s exactly what you need. You need your friends to stop pretending they like being around you. You need your parents to tell you to stop being such a little bitch and grow up. You need to look at that deceitful asshole you see in the mirror everyday and say “it’s your fault.”

This can be a hard and unfair world friends, but it can also be a great one. When we all stop whining about what we want and shut up and just start working towards it, I think we’d be talking less about what the government is going to do to fix “it” and more about what we are going to do as people to fix the government, the community, and the world. We can start smaller though by fixing ourselves. If you really “want it,” then stop talking about it and start doing it. You defend yourself so much and constantly tell us all how much you want “it” because you know how much of a lie that is. After all we all know how full of shit you are the only person who still believes your BS is you. Results speak for their self.

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