It’s Open time again…

Registration for the CrossFit Open begins in 10 days. CF expects 200,000 participants across the world. I expect CF is about to make millions of dollars. Which begs the question should I waste my money on it again this year? Let’s be honest I’m good and getting better but I’m not good enough to make it to Regionals this year, let alone the games. I’ve eaten too much crap, slacked off too many workouts, and drank too much alcohol over the last 2 months. I’d thought about registering just to see where I stack up against others in my region so I have some idea of where I need to work to improve for next year. Honestly I know exactly what I need to address to make it to Regionals next year; I’m too impatient, and too competitive.

On the outset you’d think being competitive is a good thing, and it is if you have the ability to utilize that drive to compete. However if you’re still a year or two away from competing at a high level, that same drive can push you to injury and frustration. I understand that there is a process to getting into the shape I need to be in. I have no issue making my clients understand this and appreciate it. For me though I keep thinking I’m 25 and made of rubber and it’s just not the case any longer. Everything is a fight for me. My diet has to be just right, my workouts have to be carefully planned and executed with precision so I can progress in the quantity I need to without blowing out a joint. Likewise my rest and recovery can be ignored or skipped. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have to be smart about the next 12-18 months and set my eye on next year or even the year after. Ultimately I plan to compete in the Master’s Division. In 4.5 years I’ll meet the age requirements.

The annual CrossFit Games are the pinnacle of what can be accomplished in CrossFit. The reality though is that for 99% of those doing CrossFit it’s not a sport but a way of staying healthy. Although many dream of standing on the podium one day in Carson, California, most will never come close. I also think most know this, but still there are a lot that need to come to grips with it. I say that I don’t want to win the games and maybe that’s just doubt that I have what it takes. Maybe it’s an understanding of my ability and strength. The past 2 years I’ve thought a lot about what it would take to make it to the games. I’ve wanted to prove that it was possible for the non-genetic wonders to make it there and give the super-humans a good scare. My facility is un-affiliated and will probably remain so if the rumors about CrossFit’s black-list of those who criticize it are true. I’d like a little guy to make it to the big show and upset the status quo. That’s kind of why I’m watching Hendron this year and hoping he can make it happen.

I tell my clients to think about where they want to be in a year and often times I get a quizzical look for it. We’re a society of instant gratification; concepts like waiting or working for a year for a goal are just foreign to most of us. Trust me I know my impatient ass gets mad if I have to wait at a traffic light more than a minute. I’m going to have to learn to wait though. Lucas Parker is working a 5 year plan to the podium and so far its paying off. The fact that a guy with his power and ability has to work for 5 years to best a guy like Rich Froning says a lot about how far ahead of us mere mortals Rich really is.

So I’m not going to beat Rich but I’ll keep fighting the battles in front of me and refusing to give ground. I’ll work on this plan, master my impatience and keep making gains. I think my clients deserve to see me push myself as hard as I push them. One thing I’ve always detested were coaches who talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.

2 thoughts on “It’s Open time again…

  1. Great post!! Agreed, it is a BIG shot in the dark for most to even compete anymore. The larger this “sport” gets, the more genetic freaks that will come out of the wood work. I think the first year of the open I thought of registering but ultimately did not, and I don’t regret it because even then, I stood NO chance. My partner in crime Brad (2nd half of Strength Militia) is gearing up for it and is going to be tracking his progress through the ordeal. Funny story, at the place I work there was a football player for Cornell training here (private golf club). I used to bullshit with him and we eventually ended up in a conversation about CrossFit. He told me about a guy he used to play at Cornell with that was leaving the family business to pursue CrossFit as a potential career…well, that person was Marcus Hendren. I have been routing for him the last two years and he has made some solid leaps and bounds towards the podium…I think he has a chance again to make it this year…but Froning will continue to be a HUGE threat (because he IS a genetic freak).

    1. Thanks for replying, I definitely think Froning will be hard to beat for another year or two but I’m hopeful guys like Hendron can get it done. I have made a career out of CrossFit from coaching and instructing but its been a love hate relationship. After sending two of my athletes to regionals in the southeast last year it got me thinking about what I could do if I pushed but as I said that’s a year or two out but we’ll see.

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