Welcome to your new life!

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. It’s a new year and an opportunity for a new you. Will you accept that opportunity though? Will you take this chance to correct the wrongs in your life and edit out the weaknesses or will you just talk a big game but settle for mediocrity yet again.

There’s nothing wrong with mediocrity our nation is populated with it. After all, greatness is difficult and only a few succeed in achieving it. The road to good things is long and filled with perils; rejection, failure, injury, grief, disappointment, standing out from the crowd all things most would seek to avoid and who can blame them. There’s comfort in the familiar, security in the routine, and stagnant. Yes this year I can already see the lines of resolution makers and champagne toasters readying their attack.

How many will succeed? I wish they all did. I wish everyone that came to me with visions of a thin ripped body could achieve that. I wish they could gut it out and push past the first few months of pain, sore joints, and stiff muscles to see the change coming over their bodies. Most won’t though. Just as we can be sure that each year on January 2nd gyms’s will be packed to the gills with eager achievers we can also be sure a month later most will be gone, having returned to their warm couches and comfort food.

I’d like to change that. I want to give these people a fighting chance at making that New Year’s toast a fact so I’m going to share some tips with them and you, if it applies, about how to make this year’s gym invasion a permanent occupation. I’m starting with this tip; stay home in January and begin your weightloss goals by changing your diet and simply being more active all day.

The single biggest secret to the success I see in my clients is the changes I make to their diet not the workouts. This will be especially important if you’re starting this year obese. Charging right into an intense workout scheme is admirable but the shock could derail all your hopes before you even get going. That crazy stuff you see on The Biggest Loser is scripted, hyped up chaos, and its designed for ratings not healthy sustainable body re-composition. Change your diet and give your body a few weeks to transition to a more efficient way of operating and to adjust it’s hormones to healthier level. This will make the workout programs that follow much more effective.

Take the first 3-4 weeks of January to slowly ease into a fitness and exercise program. I suggest beginning with simply walking an hour a day, rowing, or a bodyweight circuit of low impact moves to help get your heart rate up and body used to moving around. Many of my clients begin a routine that teaches them proper form, and technique for exercises like the Air-Squat, various bodyweight pulls, pushups, pipe deadlifts, and KB swings. It’s imperative that you teach your body how to move itself through space before you start asking it to hold up weight and do crazy things.

For your diet let’s talk simplicity. The first thing I want you to do is eliminate all grains from your diet, most dairy, and all processed sugar. This means no sodas, candy, pastries, cakes, cereal, bread, biscuits, pasta, or substitutes using stuff like coconut or almond flour. Its better just to avoid processed foods instead of trying to counterfeit them with supposedly good flours. Whole milk is fine to keep in your diet occasionally if you can tolerate it, as is butter but only if you can find grass-fed and organic sources. I promise you the first 2-3 weeks will be hell but once you clear all that crap out of your body and get it used to functioning on things like actual green vegetables, lean meats, and healthy fats like olive, coconut oil, and grass-fed butter. You will be amazed at how quickly body-fat will melt off your frame. For a more detailed list of the kind of things we recommend eating and avoiding click on the page, “Eat like a man should eat'” on the main menu.

Here’s to a New Year and hopefully a new you. Be aware that change isn’t easy my friends. It often requires discomfort and a little pain but it’s worth it. Have a plan this year before you  ever step foot in a gym. Get a mentor or coach to guide you through the week ahead and no matter what don’t give up. It takes nearly 3 months for changes to become permanent habits so don’t waste a month’s hard work on a moment of weakness and doubt. push it aside and keep moving ahead one step at a time.

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