Today’s Workout 11/21/13 “Knuckle-Dragger”

Today’s workout has no met-con or crazy movements. It’s not meant to be exciting or fun; it’s about moving a lot of weight, building strength, and getting ripped. I’, going to go ahead and hazard a guess that the guys will really enjoy this the most but ladies if you’re struggling with Pushups or Pullups than I strongly advise you to focus on this workout and give it everything you have.

Very simple do 2 sets of 10 Pushups and 2 sets of max Pullups. If you just can’t let a day go by without doing some kind of “cardio” then you can also run a few laps or row for 8-10 minutes at a moderate pace.


Workout A: Barbell Bench Press

You will be dong a total of 5 sets. The first set will be the heaviest and you’ll use a competition grip for 8 reps, then you’ll drop down 20 lbs do 2 more sets of 10 with a wide grip, then drop another 10 lbs for a final 2 sets of 10 with a narrow grip. A competition grip is similar to the grip you’d use for a clean; extend both thumbs then grip the bar resting the tip of the thumb just at the edge of where the knurling begins on your bar on either side then move it out another half inch. A wide grip will place either the pinky finger or ring finger directly on the smooth narrow bands on either side of the bar; this might also be your snatch grip if you have especially short arms. A narrow grip will place both index fingers just at the inside edge of the knurling in the middle of the bar. Of course this assumes you have an Olympic bar with no center knurling for squats, if you’re using a power bar simply disregard the center knurling.


An example of the workout would be:

165 lbs x 8 reps Competition Grip

145 lbs x 10 for 2 sets Wide Grip

135 lbs x 10 for 2 sets Narrow Grip

That’s all you need to do. Don’t be tempted to hit it incline, decline, or with Dumbbells. Do this workout once a week upping your weight by 10 lbs each week and you’ll be benching 300 lbs in no time. You can work chest on other days in other workouts but only if its bodyweight movements like pushups or accessory moves like shoulder presses etc. Feel free to increase or decrease the starting weight to fit what you’re capable of.

Ladies this is a good workout for you to build up strength for pushups. If you can do Pushups but the bench press scares you, then use the same template but do Pushups; 1 set of 8 with a normal stance, 2 sets of 10 with a wide hand stance, then 2 sets of 10 with a narrow hand stance.



Workout B: Barbell Curl

We will follow the same template as above, for example:

95 lbs x 8 reps

75 lbs x 10 for 2 sets

65 lbs x 10 for 2 sets

I prefer to do drag curls, in which I bring my elbows back and drag the barbell up the front of my body in a straight vertical path. The range of motion is slightly less than traditional curls but the contraction is greater as is the time under tension. After you finish your 5 total sets you’re done. If you have an ez-bar you may substitute that instead of a barbell, especially if barbells give you wrist pain.

Ladies, this time there’s no getting out of this. Regardless of how you feel about this being a meathead move you need to be doing it once a week. Adding bicep strength is never a bad thing. Kipping Pullups are cool and fun to do but for sheer strength a strict Pullup gets real respect and it’s never going to happen if you have a weak grip and floppy biceps. You will notice a difference as the weeks go by in how much easier Pullups, Deadlifts, cleans, KB swings, and rows get with stronger biceps.

Core Finisher:

Side Planks with knee-to-elbow touch

Assume a side plank resting on your forearm. Slowly bring the knee of your top leg up to the elbow of your free arm, touch than return. Do 10 reps each side a total of 4 times per side.


AbMat Situps with Medicine Ball


Hold a 14 lbs Medicine Ball to your chest keeping your heels together and knees to the ground, (think frog legs). Complete 4 sets of 12-15

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