The things you know?

As a fitness trainer and coach one of my daily tasks is to scan the internet for fitness articles relevant to my programming and methods. There are several sites I frequent and return to because of their professionalism, knowledge and real world experience. Most of the contributors and authors I follow have been in the field for decades if not athletes themselves. This lends a certain weight to their opinions. After all I think no coach should advise a client or athlete to something they themselves cannot or have not done. Unfortunately most of the people who reply to these articles or comment are the polar opposite; loud mouthed couch quarterbacks who saw something on a video or did it on Xbox one night so now they feel they are experts on any subject sports related.

Let me just say right now that nothing else in this world pisses me off faster or more thoroughly then these kinds of people. Clubbing baby seals to death for sport bothers me as a concept; this kind of thing makes me see blood! I blame the internet for turning chickens into lions, safe behind their keyboards and cocky with anonymous arrogance that can only be found on the internet. People are after all much less likely to talk crap to someone when there’s a real and likely chance such comments will be met with a solid wall of knuckles to the face. Just recently I was treated to the joy of having an early 20’s-ish young man who can barely fill out a pair of 29″ inch waist skinny jeans tell me all about how little I knew on coaching, nutrition, and calories consumed by various athletes in different sports. Said young man was at least kind enough to admit he’d never lifted weights, run an endurance race, did CrossFit or played football, but he still insists he’s qualified to comment on what is and isn’t possible in these fields. What with his lengthy list of credentials and personal experience I guess I owe him an apology.

Now I realize I’m being a little arrogant myself in beating up on this kid but I feel like there was more respect for those with experience and age when I was in my early 20’s. I definitely feel like we didn’t talk nearly as much smack; probably because dial-up back then could take 10 minutes to load a conversation and by then we usually got bored and just went and did something else. It astounds me the level of trolling that has become so prevalent these days and worse yet how being a complete ass is becoming, not only tolerated but the norm when dealing with other human beings through a computer. Related to this I don’t understand why if you don’t like a certain sport, let’s say CrossFit for example then why the fuck would you go to a CrossFit site to read, hang out, and criticize? Seriously, it’s not like I spend most of my day on ballet forums telling the dancers that they have no idea what they’re doing. Trolls do you really have so little to do that you’re whole day is spent just looking for people to piss off? You know in my day we had a term for people like that; that asshole that’s going to get shot by someone for being a dick.

I digress though and promise to get back on my meds before I end up flying to California to bludgeon someone. The lesson is for you trolls out there. There is nothing anonymous about the internet. Your address, and identity can be back tracked in minutes through your IP address and plane tickets might be expensive but revenge is priceless, so is watching some loud mouth punk getting the comeuppance he deserves. Before you open your mouth just stop and rethink your stupidity a moment. If this person you were about to insult (a 200 lbs ex-Marine who benches 275 and can squat 400 and run 5 miles without slowing down) was right in front of you would you still do it? I’m guessing probably not and even the liars that still say yes right now would sing a different tune when reality meets them in person. Think about what you think you know and what you actually know the difference might just surprise you, because unless you’ve actually done a thing then you know shit about it.

Have a Nice Day!

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