Do you hold onto excuses?

I haven’t posted much recently. We’re gearing up for the move north and trying to make sure the gym is set up when we arrive so we can start training clients immediately. I confess I’ve been slacking off and focusing on my own training and enjoying the Halloween season. It seems your own fitness is the first to suffer when you’re a professional trainer and mine has so I’ve been taking the time to shore up my own weaknesses. Today though, I’d like to address a few things that I’ve been reading about on the usual internet fitness circles.

First off there still seems to be this pervasive myth out there that eating healthy is financially out of reach for most people. The best way I know to address that is just to say; bullshit! This is just another excuse people use to justify eating crap day in and day and staying fat, unhealthy, and lazy. On average a single serving of packaged processed junk food, like potato chips, bread, or pastries costs between .65 cents to 2 dollars. A single serving of fresh vegetables costs between .15 cents to .36 cents. While it is true that grass-fed organic meats can be more expensive than their conventional counterparts; cutting out crap like bread, sugary beverages, beer, cigarettes, ice cream, cookies, brownies, cereal, bon-bons, candy bars, ramen noodles, mac and cheese pasta and all that other crap will more than make up the difference and make healthy meat affordable. I do it every week and I make a dammed sight less money than many of the people saying it’s unaffordable.

The same goes for fitness. Yes an unlimited monthly membership to a CrossFit box is expensive; compared to a $10 a month membership to globo-gym. But compared to hourly personal training, buying your own equipment, and costly medical bills it’s a bargain, though only if you can find a reasonable box to attend. Paying more than $120 a month for unlimited visits is a rip-off and the only reason the owner would charge more is because they’re in debt up to their eye-balls and their wealthy clients are dumb enough to pay it. More importantly there is no reason why anyone can’t take it upon themselves to seek out a quality program they can do at home with minimal to zero equipment. The only necessity to real fitness is determination and a willingness to let go of excuses. I post daily workouts, diet guidelines, and training questions on my Facebook page and it’s all totally free and I’m not alone in this.

Let’s talk about a third excuse; I don’t have time. Again; bullshit, you have time you’re just lazy. Guess what if you’re using this excuse then you deserve to be fat and out of shape. There are thousands of full-time moms making themselves into their fitness ideal while also working full-time jobs. They don’t whine or cry they get it done, they make time. If you have time to watch a football game you have time to work out, if you have time to go out with your friends you have time to work out. If you’re reading this or own a Facebook account you definitely have time. My fiancée and I both work 10-12 hours a day and then make time to do our own workouts, prepare food, and eat healthy. We do it because we’re serious about it, not privileged or lucky, or special.

Finally let’s talk about that age old belief that running, biking, and other steady state cardio is the only way to get “thin.” Let me begin by saying to all you cardio junkies, and that’s what you are; addicts, that when your knees fall off and your feet implode and ankle needs surgery; you got what you deserved. Now I have no problem with combining running with other forms of exercise and fitness to build a total package. I’m talking about those people (women mostly) that run for hours a day, or bike, or do zumba or whatever else they do then complain that they “just can’t seem to get rid of that stubborn fat around their bellies and thighs.” Well guess what thunder thighs maybe if you actually listened to fitness coaches and nutritionists and stopped killing your body with this repetitive cardio it might actually burn off some of that fat. Maybe and I’m spit balling here, if you built some actual muscle and some strength so you could lift more than a 2 pound dumbbell your body might burn some fat instead of conserving it. These are the kind of people that make fun of Miley Cyrus but secretly want to look like her. Doing the same thing over and over because that’s what you’ve always done doesn’t make it right it makes you ignorant. I’m sorry folks but there just is no longer any excuse to hold onto the cardio myth given all that we know about fitness and biology today. If you’re not willing to grunt, sweat, and lift a barbell don’t talk to me and don’t complain about your lack of progress.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I just want to tell all of you my readers out there how proud I am of your successes so far this year. I’ve seen some great attitudes and proof that the will to win will carry people through the hardest struggles. Keep going hard and doing what you’re doing. Savages don’t give up, we don’t back down and we don’t waste time looking for excuses why we can’t; we make reasons why we can and will.

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