Today’s Workout

Today’s Workout: Bend the Bar
Yesterday was about lightweight and body weight movements. Today we’re going to load that bar until it bends, yes folks its Deadlift day. As we move forward over the next several weeks you’ll notice that some days we will be doing what most people would refer to as “Body-Building” workouts other days will resemble something from a CrossFit box and still some days will be traditional “cardio” days with running, rowing, swimming or intervals. Finally some days will be a combination of these things, well welcome to CrossFit programming. I’ll understand if you’re not used to seeing this because most boxes don’t follow traditional CrossFit programming. In fact of all the 7 boxes I’ve personally visited in my area only two actually plan their workouts with any real consistency or forethought.

Our upcoming programming is going to be about building strength and developing a broad physical fitness. It’s also going to be about helping us all look and feel better. Any of the workouts I post here or on Facebook can be scaled or adjusted in time, weight, reps, or length to suit your own specific goals so please don’t treat my workouts as holy gospel; inviolate and unchangeable, if anything they’re just a guideline to point you in the right direction. So without further ado here’s Today’s Workout.

Try not to run or row today before the workout if you can help it and this is something I never recommend before a Deadlift workout. You could follow the Catalyst Circuit I frequently advise as this is a great all around warm-up for most types of lifting. Follow this with some Double-unders and 15-20 Burpees to get the old heart rate going.

The Workout:
Barbell Deadlift: Ladder starting at 155lb working up to your 5RM (5 rep max)
Once you find your 5RM, rest 5 minutes then begin your sets below

Barbell Deadlift: 5-5-5-5-5
Rest 2 minutes between sets and 3 after the final set

Romanian Deadlift w/ Snatch grip: 135-185lbs x 6-6-6-6
Rest 2 minutes

Barbell Dip Shrug: 185-225lb x 10-10-10-10
(Dip slightly with the hips then explode upwards, fully extending the hips and shrugging the bar straight up.)


Olympic Ring Pullups with False Grip: 5-5-5-5-5
(This is a biceps intensive Pullup in which the rings are pulled towards the bottom of the sternum with the hands turned inwards with the knuckles facing you. Search false grip on  for examples.)

Barbell Curls: 75lb x 8-8-8
95lb x 5-5-5
(Use a very shallow range of motion; keeping the elbows tucked back with a close grip and curl the bar towards your sternum pausing for a count of 2 before lowering the bar again.

 Here’s a great tutorial about the false grip for rings.

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