Integrity….Do you have it?

At Modern Savage we pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd. We go out of our way to go against the grain. One way we do that is to insist on integrity and character almost to a fault. I am well known for my inability to sugar coat anything and almost infamous for my propensity for calling people on their bullshit. I wasn’t always this way though; just ask my brother. Most of my twenties were dedicated to the fast buck and the easy way out. I didn’t hesitate to shit on someone if it got me what I wanted. The end result was a lonely life and estrangement from my family or anyone who might have cared about me. Hard lessons are lessons learned though and sometime around my 28th birthday I started seeing the light so to speak.

Integrity is in short supply today and that’s sad. It’s all we really have that can’t be taken from us yet so many freely give it away without a thought. They’ll sell their dignity in a heartbeat for a moment of ego stroking and notoriety. I know a ton of people like this and it breaks my heart because I believe in what they could be, and I guess at long last I finally know what my mother must have felt like watching me cruise along the path to self destruction all those years before she died. We allow ourselves to be pawns in pointless games. We wait for others to make a move or somehow change to meet our expectations. What we’re really doing is allowing others to control us and manipulate our lives for their own ends. We’re signing away the direction of our future because we’ve become too cowardly and too characterless to stand up for what is right and right for us. Too many people would rather get shit on then confront those who are abusing their trust and good faith.

I’ve often found that people don’t change unless they have to. If what they do and how they act earns them a profit then I can almost guarantee they’ll never change and why would they? Placating you only when you threaten to walk isn’t changing; its manipulation and stroking your ego to keep you around after they’ve pissed all over you isn’t an apology it’s a mental mind fuck. What it really says is “you my friend are easily bought and nothing more than a commodity and plaything.” Those who would sell their integrity and character at such a low price are people with no worth and the world has no need of you. The world needs people with zero tolerance for abuse. It needs a person who will draw a line in the sand and say this far and no further, and be willing to go to war with anyone who crosses that line. I learned these things the hard way. I learned that being a man is often about going the hard road alone. The world needs men.

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