Sweat Therapy


I’m going to be straight up with you here Modern Savage tribe; weightlifting and working out is my therapy. It’s a coping mechanism for a life and world that often feels out of control and set against me. Some days it feels like the only thing that keeps me from beating stupid people to death and sending myself to prison. I have a low tolerance for stupid and have the misfortune of living in a nation where stupid is quickly becoming the status-quo. I have even less tolerance for lazy people and excuses probably because I used to be one of the worst offenders at this; a person with a ton of potential and no initiative or desire to express or take advantage of it. Working out isn’t just an escape for me though it’s a vehicle for change and a doorway to my goals. A lot of my friends like working out, but fitness is a passion for me; it’s a lifestyle, a career, and my mission.

For all my criticism and disagreement with CrossFit Inc. as a brand in general, I can’t deny a certain attraction to the community. For the most part it takes a certain breed of individual to sign up for this particular brand of exercise methodology. It’s the same reason why I’d rather coach a group of crossfitters over personal training any day. All too often it seems like personal training clients have to be dragged through a workout kicking and screaming the whole way. They whine, they cry, the do the bare minimum. This just isn’t the case in most Boxes I’ve visited and coached at. Usually those in the class can’t wait to get started, soak up direction and guidance like hungry lions on the hunt, and willingly and gladly push themselves to the limit. Maybe working out is therapy for them as well, or maybe we’re all just sick and twisted masochists.

I’d say that Obstacle Racing has a similar effect on most people. I have a lot of friends that are addicted to this sport and might do a dozen or more events a year. Some just love the play aspect of it and the physical trial. I think there are some though are pursuing their own special feeling of glory and accomplishment. We live in a soft world here in the US and for the most part those outside of the military may go their whole lives having never been truly tested. They are looking for a defining moment. Many find it in the mud flinging themselves over a wall and under barbed wire. Our grandparents went to war and lived on farms where every day was a test of survival. We live in isolated digital realms where human contact is rare and real risk even more scarce.

Maybe that lack of real human interaction is the greatest appeal to my style of working out. It seems to me that the world is filled with a lot of people I just can no longer relate to. So many people hide from life, they’re waiting and watching; hoping for a better day. I’d prefer to make that day happen myself and on my timeline. I’m tired of waiting and tired of settling for what others think I deserve. In most CrossFit boxes you’ll find the same type of hungry people, those tired of a passive life. They want action they want movement not stagnation. I’ve made more friends with those I work out with than any other group. We don’t just share a like for nearly puking but for how we live life and that’s hard to come by these days. In the end maybe its group therapy; maybe going to that day’s WOD and sweating with a bunch of other crazy people just reminds me that I’m not alone and my illness is shared along with my suffering and torn calluses.

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