Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0

My Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0’s arrived on June 24th and I consider myself lucky to be one of the first regular Joe’s to have gotten my hands on them. I had originally gone to Reebok’s site to order a pair of custom Nano 2.0’s and just happened to stumble on the 3.0’s. In fact they had just put them up on the website and had yet to even announce they were pre-order only and wouldn’t be mass released until July 1st. I was a little bummed the next day to find out I’d have to wait 3 weeks to get my shoes but fortunately things worked out and here we are. I have had the 3.0’s for six days now and done 5 WOD’s in them at my local box and have been nothing but impressed. They handle everything from box-jumps to Barbell Cleans well and are probably the lightest shoe of this type I’ve ever worn with the exception of my trusty Inov8’s. Isn’t it Ironic that Inov8 was the CrossFit shoe of choice before the Reebok deal in 2010-11?


As you can see in the photos I chose the very loud Orange/Gray color scheme. There are only three color combos to choose from at the moment so if you’re not a big fan of Texas or Tennessee there’s also a black/red and green/blue combo. (since first publishing this article 7 months ago the color choices have improved considerably) I have to be honest for a moment here and say that I feel like I’m wearing a pair of clown shoes when I lace these up. That’s okay though. Black is my normal choice for shoes but this time I decided to go a different direction and pick something bright and hard to ignore; I think I succeeded. The rubber and plastic lattice framing that surrounds the upper also gives them a somewhat clunky look but fortunately they feel swift and supple as a prowling cheetah.


The soles of the shoe are quite a departure from the “Real Flex” inspired bottoms of the previous generation of Nano. The rubber used in its construction is grippy but also tough and solid. It has to be to stand up to rope climbs and other dangers of the typical box. I was worried at first that this might make the sole stiff and cumbersome during runs but it’s not the case at all. This kind of misleading subterfuge carries on into the upper.


The shoe is for the most part a breathable fabric mesh overlaid with a grid of plastic/rubber material that’s thicker around the heel cup and toe to provide support. It’s also thicker on the instep where it meets the rope guard and Reebok has installed CF logo cutouts that look awesome and add to the shoes appeal. The CF logo on the rear of the shoe is also very prominent and large enough to be seen by anyone across the gym or the Home Depot center for that matter.


I love these shoes and that’s kind of funny when you realize what an outspoken critic of Reebok I’ve been in years past when it came to its sponsorship of CrossFit. I’m probably one of the few people I know that resisted the Nano trend and soldiered on for quite a while in my trust Inov8’s almost as a form of silent protest against commercialism. Reebok has done a great job though of building a shoe to meet the specific needs of CrossFit participants and athletes with the Nano 3.0. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Lifter Plus any day now and look forward to comparing them to my current Reebok Lifters. If they’re half as good as these Nano’s then the future of CrossFit shoes seems bright.

Light and Breathable

Rope and Toe Guard

Supportive while being flexible

Excellent Grip

Stable enough to squat under heavy weights

Limited color choice

Takes a while to dry out after getting wet

Look a little clunky and clownish

A little stiff


2013-06-30 17.51.492013-06-30 17.52.262013-06-30 17.54.052013-06-30 17.52.56

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  1. changingscottslife says:

    Update: 7/15/2013 I’ve been wearing these shoes for 3 weeks now and am still impressed. I’ve completed Olympic Lifting workouts with them and several running WOD’s now too and they did well in both. My one complaint is that with such a limited color range (for now, but I’ve already seen the a preview of all 10 color options and eagerly await the Olive Drab and Black versions) everyone I know has bought the Orange and Gray ones. I’m almost tempted to return mine and swap them for the red and black version just to be different. The light gray uppers also show dirt and grime quickly and mine already have a dingy patina. The shoes have shrugged off several rope climb days though without so much as a scratch or friction burn and are head and shoulders above the outgoing Nano 2.0. Finally despite what is described as an “anatomical last” and a sole that looks pilfered straight from Inov8’s “Meta Flex” design there is not a lot of give in the sole where the black transitions to orange. The effect is similar to running in a lifting shoe and hell on the arches if you’re not an experienced forefoot runner. In other words if you’re used to running and working out in thickly padded shoes I’d steer clear of these and any shoe like them.

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