Only the Strong Need Apply ( There will be cussing)


Let’s get something clear right up front; we’re all in some kind of pain. Some of us just refuse to be cowed by it. Some of us just don’t have the time to dwell on it we’d rather keep moving forward, keep fighting, and keep trying to make life better. I got some bad news for some of you cry baby grown children out there; if things are really getting worse and this world or nation is on the verge of some kind of collapse like so many of you keep crying about then you motherfuckers are up shit creek without a boat. Crap rolls down hill friends and the bottom will be populated by those who can’t cope with chaos, roll with the punches, and realize life does indeed go on unless you’re dead and in that case what the hell do you have to worry about anyway?

I lament that Facebook has become necessary for marketing and business these days, because I’d really like to delete that crap once and for all and end my torment from those who seek to air their problems to the world instead of dealing with them and moving on. You self absorbed assholes can’t even hear the shit spewing out of your mouth in the form of type because you won’t shut up long enough about your horrid life for the rest of us to get a word in edge wise. I know why you put it on Facebook though because by now even a shrink would have punched you in the face and told you to shut it. But know one can punch you through FB, but I’m working on that. Then if the call you on your BS well then you can just delete it or them and pretend it never happened.

Worse yet why aren’t you channeling this sorrow into your workouts that you’re apparently doing every day for hours on end. For Christ’s sake if I spent that much time sweating with no therapeutic reward I’d find something else to do with my time; something constructive like head butting a brick wall. I know innocent men on death row with less pent up aggression and self pity then some of the people I’m hearing from lately. It’s not that I don’t care or that I don’t sympathize but freaking hell we all got problems and I can barely deal with mine let alone solve yours too. Besides that if you’ve got testicles between your legs then there really is no excuse for your whining. Cowboy up and move on, or else chop your nuts off so your line of wet nosed sniveling doesn’t spread to another generation. We’re already suffering from a shortage of testosterone as it is in this country. The last things we need are more men that can’t be males. Yeah being a man sucks ass but we get to burp, fart, and shit without apology and we don’t have to pass a watermelon through a dime slot either so all in all we got the good deal on this one men so toughen up because right now some CrossFit chick is warming up with your workout weight and gunning for your balls.

In all seriousness though half the problem buds and gals is that you spend too much time on Facebook in the first place and not enough time out there in the for really real world building actual relationships with actual people let alone your spouse or partner. Facebook ain’t real folks it’s not reality and it’s not living, it’s a counterfeit, an illusion of connection. It’s a safety net to risk and actual by god dare I say it human interaction. So turn off the computer get out of the house for a weekend go hiking, and get lost, start a bender with friends and get shit faced, jerk off to porn until your hands bleed, workout until you puke your intestines all over your fancy shoes, whatever it takes just stop your crying. WE ARE ALL TIRED OF IT!!!

You need to understand quick, fast, and in a hurry buckoos that life is not fair, kind, or even practical most of the time. It’s rarely fun and almost always served with a helping of Murphy’s Law but that’s the fun of it. At the end of the day we constantly get to find out just what we’re made of and shake our fist at the sky at the end of the week and tell that bearded dude on the cloud that despite his best efforts we survived again to ruin his plans and make our own way through life. That for me is worth it. Only the strong FUCKERS!!!!

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