Gwen tries out Tommy Kono Knee Sleeves


If you’ve been lifting heavy for any amount of time then you’re probably familiar with knee pain and sore joints. Modern Savage’s very own nutritional specialist Gwen Livingston decided to do something about her own knee issues and agreed to try out a pair of rubber knee sleeves from well known supplier Tommy Kono.


Tommy Kono T.K. Bands, review by Gwen Livingston
“Knee problems didn’t start plaguing me until after I lost the weight and started lifting (Gwen has lost an incredible 110lbs over the last 18 months since she’s been at Modern Savage.) That’s the suck of it; you’d think it would be the reverse. I love to squat and as a female lifter, I strive for that perfect round butt and strong defined quads. But as I began to focus more on my form and less on just pushing weight I realized that I had stability issues in both my knees. I’d try to squat below parallel and the knees would just give out. Up until a few weeks ago, I had no desire to wear knee braces. To me it was a crutch and I’d rather fix the issue than put a Band-Aid over it. Reluctantly though I gave in and bought myself a pair of Tommy Kono T.K. Bands.”

“I found my T.K. Bands on For the pair the total came to $39.95 with shipping. That’s key when looking for bands or braces. Many times they are sold in singles rather than pairs. I get why but if you aren’t careful you don’t realize it before purchasing. I checked out other places like Rogue and Again Faster but both sites only sold in singles and one knee band cost as much as this similar product Tommy Kono. His website even says they are purposely sold in pairs to prevent the transfer of stress from the bad knee to the good knee. In terms of sizing, I’m 5’ 5”, 165 pounds and I’m a woman with large muscular thighs so I was a little weary of going with their sizing chart. I did anyway and order the Medium. After receiving them, their sizing is right on.”

“I absolutely love these knee bands but if I had one grip it would be the process of getting them on. The directions say the best way to put them on is to fold the band down so that half of the inside rubber is exposed. They say to avoid contact with your fingernails to the rubber and to do that use only fingertips and thumb joints to pull up the band. Once you get the TK logo centered on your knee then fold the half back up and you’re ready to go. Sounds simple, right? Yeah, not so much. In reality, it takes chalking up the inside of the band, your entire leg, and then a mini workout just to get the bands up the leg and positioned correctly. The instructions explicitly say not to use any liniment or rub on the legs or band in order to get it up. So chalk or talcum powder is the next best thing. Honestly, I have no idea how guys would get these up without ripping half their leg hair out. I’m still trying to find the finesse in getting these on but in the meantime the process is entertaining at its best.”

“Once on though, you understand their purpose. It takes a few minutes for the band to start warming up and mold to your knee. You can actually feel the warmth and blood rushing to that area. After 5 minutes, the T.K. Bands have become one with your knee and you don’t even notice they’re there. The stability I feel in both knees is undeniable. I feel more confident squatting heavier and I’ve been able to work more on keeping proper form. The pain hasn’t completely dissipated but when I am squatting, it doesn’t feel like bone rubbing against bone. The bands increase the blood circulation and lubricate my knee tendons. I sweat like crazy in them but that’s all part of process. The heat being generated under the bands is a reaction to the increased blood circulation. There’s nothing glamorous about sweat dripping down the legs from the bands but we aren’t here to look pretty, right? Make sure to rinse them after each use and every few days use some mild soap on them.”

“Overall, I’m very happy with this product. The product is well made, does exactly what it is intended to do, and is reasonably priced. I will definitely be a repeat customer for these in the future.”


Gwen is a nutritional specialist and aspiring Olympic Lifter and Cross-Training athlete.TK

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