Hyper-Fx from BSN, and BLOX Silk Amino Acids


Up on the block this month is Hyper-Fx, the pre-workout supplement from BSN. We’ve been using this supplement for a month now and its time to re-order and since we’ve decided to stick with it I thought I’d tell you all out there in the Modern Savage tribe what we liked about it. Also let’s talk about BLOX from BPI the silk amino acid supplement.

First off this was not what I was expecting from a pre-workout supplement. If you’ve grown up in the niacin rush age as I have and began to rely on that itchy face tingling ear feeling to gauge the effectiveness of your pre-workout potion then you’re in for a shock with this brands new offering. I was expecting something along the lines of NO-Xplode which if we’re honest was the original supplement that began the whole craze way back in 2003. Back then and for most of the past decade pre-workout supps relied on “nitric-oxide” boosters and B-vitamins as their main ingredient to deliver that pump so many have fallen in love with.

Hyper-Fx is conspicuous in its exclusion of those supplement standbys instead relying on several types of pepper extract, caffeine, and a few other natural plant extracts. Initially there is no rush like you get from most pre-workout supplements. If anything the effects of this mix kind of sneak up on you about 20-30 minutes after taking it like a sword wielding ninja to your muscles. For me there were no jitters, or crawling skin sensations just a potent and noticeable urge to smash barbells and move mountains. This is the first supplement I’ve ever taken where the words focus and drive actually made sense in describing how it works. Because of the way it comes on I would strongly recommend not beginning your workout for at least 30 minutes after you drink this down.

So let’s be frank, the Blue-Raz flavor which has become a hallmark of BSN products was a letdown in Hyper-Fx. It tastes like stale cough syrup and mixed with the pepper effect and effervescent mixture just isn’t enjoyable to drink. I end up shot-gunning the whole 8 ounces like tequila in a cheap bar. I should have read the reviews on Amazon a little more closely. the consensus seems to be that grape and fruit punch are the best flavors and in that order. When we re-order this week I’ll be going for grape. To recap its a new kind of supplement less ingredients, less filler, more natural compounds, with a subtler but noticeable effect. I actually like this product a lot I hope the grape is more palatable than Blue-Raz as we have postponed trying BPI’s Pump-HD to give Hyper-Fx one more shot.

BLOX by BPI promises a lot. At first glance the science seems to support its claims and it also has a great taste going for it. Short story is that BLOX uses silk amino acids to help negate muscle cannibalism and delay and alleviate delayed onset muscle soreness by helping cells regenerate faster. It’s similar to the concept of supplementing with branched chain amino acids during or after your workout. The problem is that after getting my hands on copies of the actual scientific studies used by BPI to develop this product we find another example of a supplements stretching the truth to sale. The truth is you’d have to increase the amount of this supplement you take by a factor of 8-10 to see the results they did in studies. You’d go through this 30 serving tub in less than a week and this stuff is not cheap. There was great potential here, and I’m not sure if BPI has purposefully misrepresented its own findings here or what happened. The fact is silk amino acids do work and they work well at building muscle and increasing anabolism. However not in the doses they recommend. Bad form BPI bad form indeed.HyperFx

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