Olympic Lifting Practice Drills with Coach Burgener


If you’re lucky enough to be a working out at an affiliated CrossFit Box then you’ve probably been exposed to Mike Burgener’s Olympic Lifting drills and technique work. Mike is hands down the most sought after training coach in CrossFit today thanks to his unrivaled experience as an Olympic Lifter and instructor. The exercises featured in the video are part of my training tool set that I use before my lifting workouts to help build muscle memory during the different phases of lifts like the Snatch.

If you happen to be working out at a Counterfeit gym like many in my area then you’re probably struggling with Olympic lifts. These gyms say they aren’t CrossFit but utilize CrossFit workouts and programming, wear the gear, and tell everyone who will listen that they do CrossFit. They also suffer from a lack of qualified, experienced, and certified Olympic Lifting instructors. If you’re struggling to master the Clean and Jerk or Snatch then I strongly urge you to go to Youtube.com and search for Mike Burgener. There are hundreds of videos featuring his many training camps across the country. I will be posting more videos featuring Coach Burgener here on the website over the coming days and weeks.

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