Your Life, Your Diet, Your Health, Your Choice


Human beings are the only species on earth that have to add exercise and physical activity to their schedule. What does that say about us? As little as a hundred years ago the idea that we would need to work out to stay fit would have been unimaginable. In a world where most careers were physical in nature and only the privileged, wealthy, or royal could even contemplate sitting on their butts all day and stuffing their face with foods made from grain and sugar, was lack of physical activity a problem. In fact just 150 years ago things like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease were almost unheard of and usually found only among the wealthy and privileged. Today it’s an epidemic. Blaming a lack of exercise for the obesity pandemic sweeping the world today is a cop-out  It’s a way to shift the blame away from corporations that make billions of dollars a year by feeding us garbage that the government and their marketing pros have convinced us is healthy and natural when it’s not. We’re lining up to poison ourselves to death and the people that know about it aren’t saying a word.

You can’t blame a sedentary lifestyle for obesity when you factor in how many people involved in physical and labor intensive jobs are still obese in spite of 12 and 16 hour days filled with strenuous physical activity. Once upon a time I was a road builder and a roofer. If you’ve ever done one of these jobs you know that they are a back breaking ordeal that lasts all day. Yet all my coworkers were fat and out of shape, many were suffering from various diseases that are common today. Being skinny in that profession makes you a minority these days. How do you explain it? How can a construction worker be just as fat as a college kid playing computer games all day? What do they have in common? I’ll tell you, they’re both eating the same grain laden breads and carbohydrate rich foods, drinking the same sports drinks and sodas filled with sugar and chemicals, and listening to the same outdated health and diet advice that our government has prescribed for 35 years now despite a ton of evidence showing how dangerous and ineffective it really is. That the diet our leaders tell us is healthy is the same diet they advise to farmers to fatten up livestock should be setting off warning bells in kitchens and homes across the nation. Why isn’t it?

Maybe people are sheep. Maybe they’re ignorant, or lazy, or just so sad and beaten down by life that they really just don’t care anymore about what they eat. I can’t say that I blame them every week it’s a different story. Science releases a study to show how healthy a food or diet actually is and the government and companies that profit from grain, sugar, and dairy production counter that study and use the government to devalue it. If we’re going to be honest we have to admit that when it comes down to it nobody really knows what’s right and wrong when it comes to food. We don’t experiment on humans in this modern era and without hard unbiased evidence and lifetime studies all we have to go on is theory and speculative reasoning based on biology and history. History tells us that since the USDA and FDA instituted their food recommendations obesity, diabetes, and heart disease has sky rocketed in this nation. History tells us for most of the past half a million years humans did not eat certain foods, now that they are consuming them as the majority of their diet, auto immune responses are growing in occurrence, food allergies are growing, and food related insulin conditions are more common than ever. Yet the government and food corporations will tell you this is just coincidence.

I don’t believe in coincidence. I certainly can’t put my faith in a government that has been caught lying to its citizens as much as ours or in corporations and businesses that’s sole driving goal is to make us buy more of their product to grow their profit. Americans are exercising more than any time in our history yet obesity continues to grow. We’re told that whole grains and dairy, the largest subsidized crops in our nation are good for us and healthy yet ever since turning to them after the end of WWII our nation’s health has plummeted. We’re told grains, dairy, and sugar are not the source of diabetes, and heart disease in our nation yet it’s the first things doctors tell their diabetic patients to avoid and in study after study patients who dropped grain, dairy, and sugar from their diets and began consuming healthy fat, meat, and whole vegetables have had miraculous turn around in their health, cholesterol levels, insulin sensitivity, and body fat percentage. But again the powers that be say this is unrelated. You decide, you have to decide because if you don’t it’s your life on the line. You can go on taking health advice from those who profit from you doing what you’re told or use your own common sense and history as a guide.

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