Until Further Notice


They say the truth hurts but I think it’s more like denying the truth hurts. The truth is there’s a lot to be mad about these days but people seem to be stifling that anger and pretending not to be outraged at the insanity going on in front of them. Take a look around you throughout the day; traffic, the checkout line, the DMV, what do you see; a lot of pissed off people trying not to show it and slowly simmering like a pot about to boil over. We put up with incompetence, laziness, and stupidity day after day after day. We deal with it everywhere we go and it is slowly driving us insane. If we blow up though we’re labeled as malcontents and hotheads, and sentenced to anger management or counseling meanwhile nothing is done about the problem pissing us all off in the first place; a system that rewards stupidity, laziness, and incompetence and punishes anyone who speaks out against it. I say fuck that shit!

That’s right Modern Savages, screw it, screw stay calm and carry on. I say get mad and let someone have it with both barrels. Our nation is slowly drowning in a sea of apathy and an attitude of pretending there is no problem. How many kids today are running around like hooligans because their parents were told not to get angry, not to discipline them? How many inmates are filling our prisons because we made excuses for unacceptable behavior instead smacking a dumbass across the jaw for being a dick? Turn on the news these days and chances are there’s been a shooting, a beating, or some calamity that involved someone “blowing up!” No shit people are blowing up, you can’t label crap as daisies and force feed it to people for decades and not expect some kind of resistance when they realize how bad it really is. That’s just stupid.

Maybe I’m just an abrasive person but I couldn’t look myself in the mirror if I knew I was allowing myself to be a doormat for others. Some people will call that pride but I say its dignity and self respect. Those who let the people around them walk all over them; have none. It’s bad enough that employers these days are allowing customers to treat their employees like dirt in service industries. They call it customer service I call it absurd. There is never an excuse to let some stranger disrespect you or those that work for you. You may make the sell but what you’ve really done is sent a message to your employees that you have no loyalty or appreciation for their hard work and you’ve told another dick head that being a dick will get him rewarded instead of reprimanded. You might say it’s not your place to set someone straight, except that’s what everyone seems to feel these days and now we have jerks treating everyone around them like dirt and maniacs gunning down kids because no one thought it was their place to stop it early in life. That kid that argued with mom when he was 10 has grown up to treat you like crap, cut you off in traffic, steal from your mailbox, and beat up your son because no one did anything about it.

There was a time not too long ago Savage tribe that the community as a whole came down pretty hard on those who acted out. We didn’t wait for little Tommy to burn down a church before we started wondering if he was out of control, we knocked him one good the first time he threw a rock at a window and made damn sure he knew that kind of crap was unacceptable. Tommy may not have liked the lesson but he damn sure absorbed it. The point is we’ve confused discipline for abuse and made them one and the same and both evil. Now we’re adults suffering under a generation of grown children that are out of control. As adults we owe it to our children’s futures to stop putting up with bullshit and quash that crap right here and now before it gets out of control. It’s not about gun control or more cops, or guards in schools. It’s about parents and neighbors sending a message to everyone around us; dumbass shit will not be tolerated and ass-kicking’s will commence until people step back in line.

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