The Week in Review


I didn’t get much writing done last week, besides a wicked case of writer’s block there was a lot going on and it was hard to know where to start. In the news this past week, CrossFit eliminated two high scores from contention after video revealed poor range of motion and failure to meet standards. In one case it was blatant and obvious and I agreed without argument, but in the other there were a few reps that should have been no-repped and I felt the disqualification was a little excessive especially when viewed alongside Iceland Annie’s abysmal Deadlifts and box jumps during 13.2. Let’s not mention the fact that the poor girl in question is currently going through basic training, surviving on 5 hours of sleep or less each night, a crap diet, a ton of stress, little coaching, and bare bones equipment. CrossFit should have lifted this girl up as an example of can-do attitude and perseverance instead they took her legs out from under her. Fuck you CrossFit and Gregg Glassman you fraud!

In both cases of elimination the tossed out high scores were from virtual unknowns and threatened to unseat CrossFit’s own sponsored athletes from the top spot. Is this a case of CrossFit’s previously mentioned lack of consistency and bias? I think so but in the end CF and owner Glassman will continue to do as they see fit without regard to consistency or living up to their own arbitrary and frequently bent standards and anyone who questions it too loudly will be shouted down by the CrossFit Legion of fanatics.

Moving on we received our new order of Lock-Jaw collars last week. If you’ve never had the opportunity to use these during your weightlifting routine, I highly recommend you pick some up. They sell for $35 on Amazon and are damn near indestructible. I’ve had a pair for over a year now and used them at our gym everyday for 9 months on bars during WODs and Olympic lifts and they work as good now as the day I got them which is saying a lot considering some of the douche bags that used them (the ones that dump a loaded bar on every rep.) The collars are simple to use, robust, and much more reliable than similar 2-inch Olympic bar collars available right now. If you’ve ever struggled with the old fashioned spring collars then these are a must. I believe these collars are mandatory for any aspiring lifter or CrossFitter and compared to most swag floating around the industry today these are cheap when you consider their function and reliability. Although Rogue sells their own version; they are manufactured by the same company, are cheaper on Amazon, and you’ll get them almost twice as fast through Amazon. Seriously if you can justify a pair of shoes for $150, a fifth of that to make sure the plates don’t fly of the bar seems like a fair deal!

I think this brings me to another good point about buying equipment. If you’re trying to outfit your own home gym there are just a few basic items you will need to start, and none of them I repeat NONE of them should come from Rogue Fitness. Let me state here and now that I like Rogue and their equipment is awesome but their pricing is making fitness unaffordable for the very group of people they claim to represent and stand for. I know few “working men” that can justify nearly $300 for a bar and $600 for bumpers and another $1000 for a rack to lift them in. Let’s be real for a second here. Their pricing is getting ridiculous and Rogue is becoming quite full of them self. It’s not just the little guy getting shafted here either, gym owners are going broke on equipment costs and I know few these days that are buying from Rogue when competitors like Sportsmith, X-training, and Again Faster can supply gear of equal value at half the price and actually get it to you when they say they will.

To start working out at home you really only need a good bar ($160-170), a set of iron weights ($200), and a good rack ($200-$400). The rest including bumpers, boxes, medicine balls, jump ropes and Kettlebells are all nice additions but not mandatory. Add a Pullup bar and time to master some basic bodyweight movements and I promise you it will be about a year before you need to buy more equipment. People see CrossFit athletes on TV or in their local box, and think “wow” that looks like fun! Then they go out a buy all the gear and clothes they see those athletes wearing and using and show up ready to go without any clue of the physical side of it and without taking the time to first master the basics. If you’ve ever been to a box you know all about the people I just described. We should welcome them in with open arms by slowing them down, telling them to get rid of the bling, and focus on perfecting their squats, Pushups, Pullups, and Deadlifts for a t least 8 weeks. You can get strong as an ox folks just using the few items I mentioned earlier and have a huge advantage over most athletes you’ll meet in a box or gym just by mastering the basics first. There are no shortcuts to strength or magic shoes to take you there.

The last bit of news this week; we finally got a dog. Loki is a 3 year old pit-lab mix that was rescued from the pound Friday afternoon. The staff described him as a handful, high strung, rowdy, rough, and challenging. I just saw a kindred spirit locked behind bars and concrete begging to be set free. Over the weekend we have found him to be quite the character, very affectionate, and quite clever. I was really sure about getting a dog, because I knew that our routine would change drastically with the addition of a pet but I have no regrets. Among other things dogs, force you to get outside more and make great companions for exploration and adventure or they should. I look forward to taking him out on the water with us and to the beach. So far he’s shown a fearlessness of nature, and the sea that would shame most grown men.


A selection of Lock-Jaw Collars sizes and styles

Obviously I don’t have a lot of good things to say about CrossFit this week or companies associated with them and that is unfortunate. For a company that leads and inspires so many I would think their leadership and management would do more to showcase character and integrity across the whole field not just when it’s advantageous to them. As before I will continue to advocate the system in general for its fitness benefits but as a corporation and business I am quickly losing faith in their motives and practices. There are times when I’m thankful not to be affiliated and independent. This past week was one of them. Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by to visit Modern Savage. I hope as we grow we can stay true to our principles and ideals no matter how successful we become.

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