In Search of Paradise


I don’t feel like writing today but writing is part of my profession. I may be a trainer and coach but I make my living from writing about it and consulting. Part of being a professional whether it’s a writer, coach, or athlete is consistency. The more you do a thing the better at it you become. While practice may not make you perfect it will make habits permanent and establish new routines in your life. As a coach I see lack of consistency as one of the roadblocks to results for new trainees and clients. They think results should be instant and often give up on a new routine right about the time they would start seeing real results if they had stuck with it. Related to this are those clients who keep a regular gym schedule but don’t back it up with a sensible eating plan than wonder why they’re not losing weight or dropping body fat.

I’ve lectured on the merits of sticking with a workout program and diet before though and honestly if you haven’t got the message yet then I’m through wasting my breath. There comes a time when you as an adult have to start listening to people who know and have achieved the result you’re after. If you refuse to do so then you deserve to fail. How much more plain can I state it? Enough of that though. I’m not interested in another fitness article today.  So let’s talk about consistency and achieving the kind of life you want outside of fitness.

I don’t know about you but I’m a man in search of paradise or my idea of what that is. I don’t want to spend my life punching a clock and waiting in lines. I want to surf, and kayak, play in the waves, and work from home. Now I’m already half way there but it hasn’t been easy. In fact it’s been an uphill knockdown drag out fight the whole way and the last half of the journey promises to be more of the same, but that’s okay. Nothing worth having or doing in life ever came easy or free. You must pay to play and the price can be steep.

Now stop reading this for a second and look around at your life and ask yourself this: what would it take to be happy, I mean really truly happy, not content or satisfied with what you have but to have the things you want. Now what do you think it will take to have those things or get there? Maybe you want simplicity, maybe it’s a Ferrari and a mansion, and it shouldn’t matter. Never feel bad or the need to apologize for wanting things that society tells you are greedy or selfish. Chances are the people who tell you to be ashamed of wanting more are the same who have given up on their own dreams or either have what you want yourself but want to keep you from it. The point is everyone has an agenda, some are nobler than others but they exist nonetheless so be aware of it and judge accordingly.

I have an agenda for writing this, to stir up trouble, inspire others to question conformity, and push them to do something about their unhappiness. One person bucking the system is a rebel. A thousand people bucking the system is a movement, ten thousand people bucking the system is real change. Now I might be a trainer and coach, but I understand that fitness and lifestyle change go hand and hand. You might be reading this and thinking to yourself you’d like to change something about your life because it’s just not right. Many times people begin this change with a fitness goal. Most fitness goals are about one thing; improving one’s self-image. This means confidence among other things and facing fear. CrossFit is so popular because it inspires confidence and overcoming fear. It’s not the goal you understand but a vehicle for achieving the goal.

Finding my paradise also began with a fitness goal many years ago. As my strength has grown over the years and my ability broadened I’ve found myself more willing to do things that I normally wouldn’t consider. This is a good thing for anyone to experience but more importantly staying true to fitness, a good diet, and healthy habits has taught me something else about finding my paradise. It will never happen unless you actively do something to bring it closer to you every day. I didn’t feel like writing today, but now I am. Writing is not the end goal itself but it is part of my plan and brings me closer to paradise every time I do it. Every article, every word hones my skill and also helps me flesh out concepts and ideas and make them concrete. A lot of us have goals that are stillborn because they never have a chance to mature from idea to plan, to goal, because we don’t know what to do with it. We don’t know how to make it real and act on it. I feel that way a lot of the time. So I write.

Back to the question earlier; what do you need to do to have the things you want? Don’t just spend time daydreaming and thinking to yourself “oh it would be nice to have money, or a house, or nice car.” That’s not enough. What can you do to make that happen? What steps even if they’re small could you take to move towards it?

I’ll never author a book if I don’t first start by writing a page today. I would never have been a trainer if I hadn’tsurfing first enrolled in a class to learn the skills and applied for jobs to get experience all those years ago. Everything grand started somewhere small. Finding my paradise starts right now by looking down the road and identifying those things that I need to do now to move in that direction. It’s not going to happen overnight. In this journey you have to not only have patience but to be strategic with your thinking and be able to see things on a broad scale and appreciate how little things add up to big results down the road. But it still starts today, what have you done today to step closer to what you want?

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