Sex Muscles, are you up to the task?

Muscle is sexy, and sexy is always popular. Some of the sexiest people on the planet are athletes. We admire them and sometimes even envy their ripped developed bodies. There are many reasons for wanting an athletic body. I got into weight training back in high school to impress women. There it is, no grand epiphany or secret wisdom hidden here; just the truth. I’d be willing to bet most people have a similar motivation if you really dug down deep to the heart of the matter. There’s no shame in it, it’s a biological imperative as old as time. Your simplest reason for being alive is to reproduce. We can argue around the point and get philosophical about it but in the end there’s no denying anatomy and nature. We want to attract mates and that means putting our best foot or muscles forward. To deny this is to deny your humanity and foster delusions. I’m not interested in that.

Soon I’ll be a married man, but that doesn’t mean I’m no longer interested in impressing women. I value my fiancé’s opinion over all else and I want to be as attractive as I can be for her. I get a huge kick out of the way she looks at me and when her friends compliment her choice in men. It flames my ego and I love it. With that in mind I thought I’d share a few things I’ve noticed over the years with my fellow men that I believe are essential to attracting women. My workouts, even my CrossFit workouts are geared towards building an attractive fit body. Do I want to be ready for anything and able to compete, sure I do. But at the end of the day I want my future wife to look at me as I come through the door like a lion staring down a gazelle on the savanna that’s the attention I’m competing for.

Men besides the more attitude centered aspects of our lives that could use a tweaking many of us are going about our workouts all wrong. We still focus on mirror muscles while neglecting those that matter most, generate the most power, and cause women to swoon when we walk by. I’m talking about the Rear Posterior Chain for those of you that are totally clueless; your butt guys. You need to focus on building a noticeable, round, firm ass and take a break from the bench press, curls, and crunches. Besides heavy lifts involving the rear posterior chain activate the core much more than any BS crunch or ab move ever could.

Yes women love a great chest but the butt will win out every time guys. Besides other things, a great ass signifies powerful strong thrusting ability, you do the math on that one. The way to a great butt is through exercises that work the Glutes, hamstrings, and Lower back. In short guys we need to spend more time of Deadlifts, Hip Bridges, Kettlebell Swings and Squats and less time on our back pushing a bar. Give yourself a test guys, if you can’t bench press 135lbs for 30 reps unbroken for  at least 3 sets then you’re doing too many bench presses and not enough high rep push ups.  Your muscle is all fluff but no power and the best way to a strong defined powerful chest is through dips, and pushup variations, besides women don’t tend to appreciate a chest that is bigger and fluffier than theirs. During sex you’ll be asked to hold your own bodyweight suspended over her for hopefully longer than a few seconds. Pushups are one of the greatest ways to prepare for this very act. Add in some hip bridges and Deadlifts to strengthen and condition your pelvis and you have a sex machine with stamina.

Related to this are triceps. We spend too much time worrying about our biceps. Big arms come from big triceps, and triceps help you hold things up, think about it. If you want biceps guys do some Pullups and rows. Not only will this help build your arms but it will build that muscular ripped back with a deep central channel that women can’t stop caressing. When you’re having sex where is your woman likely to put her hands and grab a big handful? That’s right your butt and back. Best make sure there’s something there to grab a hold of then. Women love watching guys walk by and when they do what are they looking at; your back and ass guys once again, think about it. Sure you may have a big package and yes they do ogle that too, but if the rest of you is tiny and ineffectual it doesn’t matter men. Your back and that well defined V-taper speaks more to manhood and virility than just about any other thing you could do. Rounded shoulders developed traps and rhomboids and lats that scream out loud “I can rip a tree down to save your cat” will get you attention more than a bouncy protruding chest.

My last pet peeve is your calves. Most guys I know do plenty of squats and work their quads but I see few that have any understanding of how much women hate skinny pencil calves. It just looks ridiculous guys and out of balance. Symmetry is attractive on a deep biological level. It speaks to good health, fine breeding, and good genes. If this isn’t enough to remind you to dedicate some time to those things below your thighs that help develop power for running, walking, jumping, standing, and upright thrusting like the kind done when having sex standing up then I don’t know what to tell you. Here’s a good rule to follow though. If you can’t see it in the mirror then it should take priority in your training. The largest muscles in your body all lay on the back side of it. Take care of them and they will repay the favor in the women you attract and the attention they bring you.

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