Modern Savage Workout of the Day 2/07/2013

If you’ve never done “Bear” you’re in for a treat and by treat I mean ass-kicking. Bear is a barbell complex strung together to form one exercise. Simply put; load a Barbell with around 135-155 pounds for guys and start by deadlifting the bar to the hang position. Next clean it up and drop into a front squat then without stopping perform a Thruster, from the top of the Thruster  lower the bar behind the neck then do a back squat.  Come  back up thrusting the bar overhead again then return to the Deadlift. That’s one rep.

Warmup: 2 Rounds
15 Pushups
10 Pullups
10 Hip Bridges
15 Air Squats
10 Overhead press (light weight)

3 Bear at Max Weight
( “Bear” is Deadlift-Hang Clean-Front Squat-Thruster-Back Squat- return to Deadlift)
5 Bear at 80% Max
8 Bear at 70% Max

3 Squat Clean from the Hang at Max Weight
5 Squat Clean at 85%
8 Squat Clean at 75%

AMRAP of Clean and Jerk at 115lbs/85lbs in 3 minutes

-Max weight does not mean your one rep max but the maximum weight you can perform the movement for without loss of form or Control (If you’re dumping the weight from overhead and not returning the bar to the ground each rep with control the weight is too heavy, you’re a pussy who likes attention, or just a turd who likes to abuse equipment.) So if you use 135lbs for your 3 reps then you would use around 80% of that for your next round and so on.

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