Today’s Workout 2/5/2013

Today we went for an old-school ass kicking move; The Turkish get-up. The name of the game for this workout is intensity and focus. Many people complain about shorter workouts but I counter that a 15 minute workout done with maximum intensity will leave you lying on the floor and unable to move. Also you’re less likely to break down muscle with excessive amounts of reps and the carelessness that follows fatigue and exhaustion and also avoid being so stiff you can’t move the next day which pretty much means you can’t workout effectively doesn’t it. We’re here to “stress” the muscles into growing not tearing them apart so completely that most of our recovery is spent simply re-building what we had instead of adding to it. And yes, there is a difference.

Perform the following workout moving from each move to the next without rest or as little as possible until complete. For the Turkish get-up and Barbell Forward Lunges, increase the weight for every set aiming for near failure on the next to last rep of each set. For instance the first set of T.G.’s you might use 25lbs, then 35lbs on the next and 45lbs for the last set. I used a Kettlebell for my workout but a Dumbbell will suffice. Last point; make a habit of keeping your eyes glued to the Kb or Db while doing the get-up.

50 Burpees Chest-to-ground with Jump!

10/10 Turkish Get-ups
10/10 Barbell Lunges(forward)
8/8 Turkish Get-ups
8/8 Barbell Lunges
6/6 Turkish Get-ups
6/6 Barbell Lunges

50 Mountain Climbers with arms on Swiss Ball or from low rings
50 GHD or Swiss Ball sit-ups
25/25 Side Plank with Dumbbell reach under to extension


If you have any questions or need an explanation of movements please feel free to contact us anytime through email or our FB page.

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