My Workout for Today 1/30/2013

First off and to be clear this is not a workout I designed. During the weekend I scrounge the internet or more specifically the homepages of a few CrossFit Boxes across the nation that I respect and would love to train at. Many of these facilities host specific training programs geared more towards competitive athletes preparing for the games and local competitions. This particular workout is just part of one posted a few days ago by “Outlaw CrossFit” of Alexandria, VA. This gym is known throughout the CF community for building top level athletes and programs for serious weight-lifters. While they do focus more on the lifting side of CF they do include rigorous met-con portions in their workouts that are guaranteed to kick your ass. So if you’re ready give this one a whirl.

For Time:

30 Handstand Pushups

40 Pullups

50 Kettlebell Swings at 55lbs

60 Situps on an ab-mat feet anchored

70 Burpees

80 Butt-to-heel Air Squats (added by me)

90 Chest-to-ground Pushups (added by me)


Strength Component:

5 rounds of

Max rep Bench press at 135lbs

Max rep Bent-over Barbell Row at 135lbs


Have fun with this chipper style burnout and record your time and repeat this one in 4 weeks to see if you’ve improved.

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