Training outside the Box

I’m training to complete this year’s CrossFit Open. My real goal though is to make a run all way through to 2014’s CrossFit Games in L.A. There are some holes in my game that need shoring up and as a trainer I know there’s just not enough time to add the necessary skills and muscle mass I need to be seriously competitive this year without doping and a lot of practice and effort. I’ll still be competing in local Throwdowns as the year goes on to gauge my progress though and adjust my training plan as needed. Most importantly I’ve made the decision to do it all without the aid of an affiliated box, trainers, or even the nearest globo-gym. I’ll be sinking the money I would pay out for monthly memberships and coaching into building my own training center and making my own equipment when practical. I’ll be following the training program of Outlaw CrossFit online and supplementing with my own work based on specific goals.

Gwen and I will be opening our own facility by end of year and it doesn’t make sense to give our money to another gym owner when we could be investing it into our own dreams and goals; an affordable CrossFit box. CrossFit is expensive and whether it’s worth it or not doesn’t change the fact that compared to your average globo-gym memberships most working class people simply cannot afford $150 a month and up for one person to train. Income should not be the deciding factor when it comes to pursuing your training goals. We intend to make CrossFit attainable to anyone willing to accept the challenge with dedication and resolve. I am already in the process of getting my Level 1 certification, Olympic lifting, and Coach’s Cert. We will be applying for affiliation next year too so once we’re up and running customers will be getting an official CrossFit experience. I know that isn’t necessary to make it work but I feel it’s important for credibility in the community as a whole.

In the meantime I’ll be showing you the reader how to train and participate in CrossFit without breaking the bank so to speak. There are a few things I think every aspiring athlete needs to purchase for their home arsenal but by going to companies like  and some creative shopping on  and Walmart’s online store anyone can build a home gym the envy of any CF Box. There are a ton of projects that can be completed in a few hours on the weekend to build a homemade pull-up and gymnastics ring rig, or inexpensive plyo-boxes for much less then you’d pay at a supplier. All in all I plan to demonstrate that first an unaffiliated athlete can be seriously competitive in CrossFit. Second I want to show the practicality of home training and affordability of creative thinking when it comes to health and fitness. You might call this “Training outside the box” or just thinking outside the box. Regardless I hope it will provide some ideas to aspiring athletes and some knowledge on what is attainable with a little dedication and commitment.

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