Changing Direction

I’ve made the decision to leave my current employer and quit my position as a trainer there today. It’s something I’ve been wrestling with in my mind for almost 8 weeks now and the stress has been tearing my brain apart. Usually I have no problem arriving at a decision quickly, especially when it comes to people taking advantage of me but I guess I had hoped the situation would improve and the owners would deliver on some of their recent promises or at the least come to their senses about the money they were continuously throwing away on. It was wishful thinking.

I came to Florida with the goal of pursuing my own plans to make fitness and health more affordable for the people that really need it, versus those who view it as a luxury accessory, much like the Range Rovers and Porsches they drive. That I ended up working as a trainer in a broken down warehouse in the ghetto, stocked with garage sale equipment, broken plates, and molding gym mats charging 3 times as much as their nearest CrossFit box is just tragic in hindsight.

This was once again a case of not following my own advice; judge people by their actions not words. The owner’s actions betrayed people with little character, no business ethics, poor management skills, and a major case of seeing people as nothing more than dollar bills coming in the door. In a recent conversation one owner literally told me that using people, denying them promotions and raises they earned, and then letting them go once you built up their client base was “just good business!”  I could describe how tragic it is that I spent 90% of my day training the owner’s own clients for no pay, clients whom he often could not name or tell you when the last time they came in was or what their goals were, but what would be the point.

People like this are incapable of seeing their own flaws and live off an assumption that everyone else is too stupid and ignorant to notice how badly they’re being taken advantage of. In the end though I left for philosophical reasons; I refuse to be part of a globo-gym wannabe chain, and that’s exactly where this gym is headed. They have begun to sacrifice quality of product, and experience for quantity of memberships. When I first came to the facility they prided themselves on being a “tight-knit community of passionate athletes” dedicated to serious training not just working out. In reality they are using the current popularity of CrossFit to pull people in the door promising a similar experience, but falling far short of delivering. The owner’s one and only goal is to increase memberships and profit, he truly cares nothing for anyone but himself and his fortunes.

I quickly understood that I was just a resource to be exploited and once used up; discarded. Time and time again I reminded him of my goals and reasons for coming to Florida and time and time again they were ignored disregarded and marginalized. So it’s time to end the circus and move towards my own goals and plans. Ironically I will be doing this by training at an area CrossFit box. I will be pursuing my CF level 1 certification and continue my training for the CrossFit games there. I met the owner this past July and even though we only spoke twice he remembered me and was excited at the prospect of working together. I have no delusions about working for someone else, but at least this time I’ll be training people the way I want to, instead of babysitting someone else’s pampered spoiled former personal training customers.

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  1. rchackman says:

    I can definitely relate. Gotta be doing something you believe in. Otherwise, its just going through the motions without any real passion behind it.

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