The CrossFit Open 2013; The Ultimate Savage Challenge


With the beginning of the New Year and the Modern Savage Challenge it would be easy to assume I have abandoned my goal to compete in this year’s CrossFit Open. I haven’t, though the thought has crossed my mind a few times over the last few weeks as injury and stress have set in. I won’t lie and say that the idea of competing against tens of thousands of the world’s fittest CrossFit athletes isn’t intimidating. Let’s never mind the fact that most are younger than me and have mastered the core CrossFit workouts. Mere Details I say.

As a Modern Savage I live for the challenge. The ancient Spartans when told the enemy approached never asked how many there were, how strong they were, or how well equipped, just where they could be found. The best in the world are about to gather for battle and that’s where I belong. Besides what better place to test my training principles then at the CrossFit games? Let’s be honest; I talk as much crap about CrossFit as I do compliments. I have serious issues with many of their fundamentals, but I think there can be no denying that if you want to see some of the strongest and best all around athletes in the modern world; CrossFit is the answer.

It is more than likely that I’m about to be served up a heaping slice of humble pie in a few short weeks but I also know that I’m going to show quite a few young studs what it means to be a strong capable man in his mid-thirties. I have experience under pressure on my side, maturity, and the understanding that pain is temporary and can be set aside in the pursuit of glory. I’ve mastered the fundamentals, sparred against the athletes in my area, and come away with a healthy dose of knowledge about my own weaknesses and strengths that I will be fine tuning as the games draw closer. I’m excited.

Most importantly though I understand what this attempt means for me and my career as a trainer. Too many coaches and instructors in my field are phony. They can’t even complete the workouts they build for their clients, let alone seriously compete in a sport. I hear all kinds of excuses why this is, from age, to no time to train, to fear of injury and they’re all bullshit. I’m going to submit that a trainer should represent what he trains others to do and not just in knowledge and experience but in actions. In several weeks I’ll be attending a seminar for CrossFit Level 1 certification. I have no interest in opening my own box or in necessarily becoming an actual CrossFit instructor. But I do know that if you’re going to talk the talk you’d better be able to back it up.

The Modern Savage experience is more than working out or eating right it’s about living your life by a certain code, and part of that code is: Never Back Down. I won’t back down from what’s ahead. I may get my ass handed to me but I may exceed my wildest expectations. Either way I foresee an experience I will never forget and will use to help my clients and customers of the future achieve their own dreams and goals.

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