Everything old is new again: Rewrite the rules


Society and governments like to impose rules and limitations on those below them. Often these rules stem not from a drive for the greater good but instead have their roots in fear, greed, and self interest. When a tradition or convention becomes irrelevant or prohibits others from success and achievement then it’s time to pull them down. I’m not saying you need to go out and start robbing banks but it would do you well to learn how to circumvent “the good ole’ boy system.”

If you truly desire change in your life then you need to distance yourself from conventional wisdom and modern trends they are too limiting and encourage stagnation and too much group think. Remember sheep get slaughtered you want to be a wolf or a lion. Ironically in our modern times going against the grain can often mean going retro. Look at the principles of the Paleo Diet. It goes against every shred of the government’s food pyramid and conventional medical wisdom. Were it not for the fact that every aspect of it is backed by actual science, and millions of years of evolution it would seem ludicrous, and many of those who stand to lose a profit from this growing insistence of food source accountability will loudly tell you Paleo is bad for you.

The same can be said of modern business tactics and notions of success. If you do as you’re told and climb the ladder after years of college and drudgery in menial positions what you’re most likely to attain is a mountain of debt. The truth is you may never achieve the success you desire because you’re leaving your success in the hands of those above you who stand to suffer from your promotion. Make no mistake its not good enough to work hard and be dependable anymore, you must be willing to take what you want and sidestep a few roadblocks. Time and time again we see those in history who have profited the most are often those who turn their back to convention and strike out on their own determined to find a new way. We call them Innovators.

A similar trend can be seen in fitness today. The popularity and rise of CrossFit owes a lot to its refusal to obey traditional notions of fitness held by the power-lifting, running, and body-building scenes. CrossFit in breaking many long held rules about training volume and intensity has birthed a new segment of the fitness industry. The only question now is who will unseat CF as the next hot trend and innovator in exercise.

Laws are made to protect us, break them and you could go to jail or worse. Rules on the other hand are often made to benefit those who make them. More often than not they are ignored by those same people while they insist you obey them. Don’t be a slave and a chump. Learn to ask questions and look behind the curtain so to speak. Rules can be bent and even broken with impunity if you truly understand what they mean. You must educate yourself on the rules and traditions of your chosen field if you want to navigate them and use them to your advantage. Ignorance and hesitation are no excuse when change is the goal.

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