The Modern Savage Challenge

I’m hosting a challenge at “I am a Modern Savage” over the next 60 days. The prize for completing the challenge is nothing short of a new life; free of disappointment and frustration. You aren’t happy; life hasn’t turned out the way you want. Things just seem wrong, and you wonder is this as good as it gets. I don’t blame you and the truth is you have every right to be questioning things. You were meant for more my friend and you deserve more from life then the bare minimum. It’s time to claim what’s yours and take control of your life and be who you want and do what you want.

This challenge is geared towards men but anyone can answer the call. Over the next 2 months we will work on addressing 3 areas of life; diet, exercise, and most importantly: attitude. The first two will work to rewrite your hormones and build up your self-confidence and mental resilience. In the third we will address the heart of the matter keeping many men in America on their knees and powerless. We will address the overwhelming lack of character and courage pulling us all down and making us slaves to corporations, marketing, and outdated public opinion.

In the weeks to come I will be posting regular articles and daily guides to everything from practical workouts and eating habits to movies, books, and gear every man should own. I’ll separate fact from myth and help you wade through the jungle of hypocrites and gatekeepers who will try to keep you from standing on your own two legs and deciding the course of your life. It won’t be easy and at times you will face choices that seem impossible but the path to a satisfying life is never easy and requires dedication and sacrifice.
The challenge won’t cost you a thing to participate in beyond your grocery bill and some sweat and effort. It’s open to anyone; just follow along on my website, Facebook page and partner at “Eat to Live, Live to WOD.” There will be three parts:

1.) Change Your Diet– we’re going to be asking a lot from your body over the next 60 days so it’s only fair that you start treating it better and that begins with what you eat. No more processed crap guys, no more grains, starches, or sugars. You don’t need it, the potential health risks from consuming these are too numerous to list here, and they get in the way of your body’s ability to burn stored body-fat for fuel. That is our goal. I’ll be giving you detailed lists of things you should be eating and how to get them without breaking the bank. We’re going caveman guys the way you were meant to eat.

2.) Change your Workouts– The vanity and pointless workouts are over fellas. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or reflect something practical in life then it’s gone. I love CrossFit and crazy Olympic lifts but unless you’re training for the CrossFit games then all you’re really doing is jerking off. We’re going to focus on moving our bodies through space efficiently, lifting heavy objects, jumping, climbing, throwing, chopping, pushing, pulling, and kicking ass in general. Call it a warrior training program. The point is I’m going to make you sweat and prepare you to do battle in the dirty chaotic world we live in not the stylized Reebok sponsored one on TV.

3.) Change Your Attitude– Your thoughts determine your reality men. If you see yourself as powerless and weak then you will be. Slavery starts in the mind and yours began in High School with Teachers and guidance counselors telling you what you needed to do would clash with what you wanted to do. Too many lives and dreams were suffocated in High School and College and the effects are an entire generation of men with no sense of identity, purpose, or direction, that all ends here. I’ll show you who you could be and how to get there. The choice to take it though is yours.


Hopefully after the next 60 days you’ll be standing a little taller. You’ll be a leaner more powerful picture of the guy you want to be and you’ll finally be on the path to actually doing what you want instead of daydreaming about it over beers at the bar.

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