Five Principles of The Modern Savage

1.) Know Yourself: How much of life is wasted searching for identity and Purpose? Before one can conquer the world they must master their self. You determine your fate and place in life. Stop wasting time trying to be something you’re not; embrace your strengths and play to them at all times. Take responsibility for your choices and life and you will find it a lot more satisfying and rewarding. This is your life and no one else’s stop worrying about everyone else. See to your own plans and happiness above all else. Besides how can you help others if you are yourself a mess?

2.) Know No Bounds: You must live a life less ordinary. The Fearful raise up walls and rules to bring order to chaos but this is just a delusion. These limitations serve to keep those like you down, to hold you back, and suffocate ambition. You must tear down the walls of convention and tradition. “Those who dare do,” and you must be willing to go further, longer, and harder than those around you. Success belongs to bold people who believe anything is possible.

3.) Know No Fear: This ties into rule 2, and is just as important. How much of life is wasted in fearful procrastination, hesitation and waiting. The perfect time to act never came to anyone that waited for it but to those that moved ahead regardless of the fear. Fear will strangle the life out of you and all your hopes and dreams. Most of those around you will never accomplish anything in life for fear of change, going out on a limb, and acting without backup. Life is an adventure and without risk would have little value. Embrace fear and the sharpness to your reactions and thoughts that it brings.

4.) Know No Regrets: Life is short we make mistakes rise up from them, shake it off, and move on. Rejection, failure, and heartbreak are all lessons to be internalized acted on and learned from. Too many people die surrounded by regret for all the things they did not do or wasting away because they could not let go of the past.  Be bold my friend and rash at times. Take risks and try the things you always dreamed of doing you may fail but you may just as likely succeed and grow.

5.) Know No Attachments: People Seek to own you with words, relationships, guilt, obligation, and money. They will tempt you with promises of power, pleasure, or wealth. These things are fleeting at best. You must hunger for a life filled with experiences not things. Anyone or anything that is not helping you move forward is enslaving you to its own petty wants and goals. You must cast them aside and free yourself from their yoke. Be willing to walk away friend. The world is vast and filled with wonder don’t squander your time on bullshit and shallow people.

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