Step Two: Let go of that which does not matter.

It’s a little counter-intuitive but the next step to changing your life is actually to let go of it. Too many of us are all wrapped up in the outcome of pointless events and experiences that we forget the big picture. It’s time to “let that which does not matter truly slide.” Fortunately that happens to be about 90% of the crap that occupies our attention from day to day. Think about it for a second; how much of your day is spent stressing about things that really won’t mean anything when it’s all said and done? If you really want to be more in life and accomplish something worthwhile you need to understand that your day and time is valuable and wasting it on things out of your control is a poor use a precious commodity.

In general we place too much emotional weight on trivial things. We let the slightest setbacks crush us and beat us down until we’re so shell shocked and fearful of failure or rejection that we become catatonic; paralyzed by fear. How many people do you know that go on and on about grand schemes and ideas but never actually move on them? How many of your own ideas and dreams have you smothered through fear of failure? I’ll bet it’s more than most are comfortable admitting. I know I’ve wasted more than a few years waiting for things to happen when I should have been out there working to make them happen. It’s okay though, part of taking control of your life is to own up to mistakes and recognize them for what they are; opportunities. I let fear hold me back for a long time but no more, I’m letting go of fear and embracing challenge, so should you.

First things first, stop worrying about what other people think. I’ve learned that nine times out of ten most people are too wrapped up in their own schemes and problems to even notice what you’re doing and those that do are usually not worth listening to anyway. I mean really anyone that has the time to keep tabs on what everyone else around them is doing and critique them obviously doesn’t have much of a life to begin with. Shake these people loose, they’re dead weight and if you don’t free yourself from their negativity it’s only going to pull you down like a sinking ship. Negative people attract negative attention and circumstances. They delight in making others just as miserable as they are and will go to great lengths to screw things up for you just to see you fail so they can tell you “I told you so,” in the end.

Moving on, don’t be afraid to fail. If anything look forward to it. Every failure is a lesson and an opportunity to grow and learn. Those who never fail live boring uninteresting lives. Those who have never failed have never tried and never reached beyond what was before them. You already know what’s right in front of you and if that satisfies you then this article and website is probably not the place you need to be right now. It takes courage to dare and to dream, but it takes balls of steel to actually act of them. Once you decide to take control of your life and build the life you want take hope in the fact that you’ve joined one of the most elite brotherhoods in history. “Those who dare do” and the only people who have ever accomplished anything in this world were those who got up off their asses and dared to dream big but more importantly to actually do something about it besides talking.

Finally and most importantly remember this. Everything big has a small beginning and even if you don’t succeed at what you try the first time or even the next 100 times it doesn’t mean there’s no hope. Thomas Edison once estimated he failed over 1000 times before successfully mastering the light bulb. It literally took years to finish. Had he given up we might all be in the dark today. Whatever you hope to do or build in your life you have to devote yourself totally to the outcome and know in your heart it will happen. Let go of distractions and negative people. They only pull you off track and waste valuable time and resources that are better spent on building the life you want. Understand that setbacks and failures are bound to happen. The more you endure and overcome though the stronger it makes you. Great characters are forged in adversity and tempered by hardship, not by tiptoeing through the tulips on a sunny day.

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