“3 on 1 off” Not for your Diet

I can always tell when a client or trainee isn’t following the diet plan I recommended. If you know what to look for the clues stand out like a sore thumb; bad complexion, dark circles under the eyes all the time, low energy levels, bad attitude, frequent extreme emotion swings, lack of visible weight-loss despite frequent and grueling workout sessions. That last sign is rampant in the world of Cross Training. I can’t count how many times I’ve had clients tell me that they workout just so they can eat crap. This is just like saying I saved my life just so I could cut my wrists, and if you think about it that’s exactly what they’re doing. No amount of exercise and training will ever justify or overcome a poor diet. If you’re living under that delusion then you’re just fooling yourself. Gyms across the nation are filled with people that are moments away from a heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and death because despite working out frequently they have no desire or discipline to change decades of bad eating habits.

The junk food filling grocery shelves today are filled with literal poisons; man-made chemicals, flavors and preservatives known to damage cells, increase fat storage, and short circuit the body’s immune system. I have to wonder at the mental state of someone who feels they “deserve” to binge on those things. What your body deserves, and what you deserve is the freshest, natural, and most wholesome food you can find. Not long ago, “fresh” was the only way food came and we were better off for it. Now processed foods have filled our pantries with things we can’t even recognize made from ingredients a chemist can’t even pronounce and somehow advertisers and even the government have convinced a majority of people that this is “natural.”

A diet isn’t something you try or use to lose weight than abandon. It’s not a book or a video you buy, or a club to join; it’s a lifestyle that is lived every moment of everyday. People think I follow the diet I do because it’s so popular in CrossFit or because I’m training for an event. I eat the way I do because I want to live; I want the best quality of life possible. I don’t want the last years of my life to be filled with endless prescriptions and pill containers as I struggle to draw breath. My insurance is called preventative maintenance. I’d rather spend my money on quality foods to prevent illness than on doctors and therapies afterwards to cure it.

It’s easy to say I’m being overly dramatic but the results speak for themselves if you’re willing to look for the proof. And the reality is undeniable when placed beside the mountain of growing evidence that our processed man-made food in the western world is slowly killing us all. If you are serious about losing weight, regaining the health you were meant to have and taking back control of your life then you must get serious about the food you eat. Your diet needs to stay consistent, especially if you work out less than 3 times a week. In fact 99% of my clients will see the most weight-loss and improvement through their diet and change in eating habits than from anything we do in the gym. So do yourself a favor and reward your body for all the hard work it goes through in the gym by filling it with healthy wholesome foods, not sugars, empty carbs, and processed poisons. After all your body belongs to you why destroy it?

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