Training Day

Every day is a training day and I can’t say that enough. Whether it’s to trainees in class or to my reflection in the mirror before I work out, every day is a training day. There are no off days when you’re preparing for an event. Sure there are days that are easier than others and days when I may not workout but I’m never off and I’m always thinking about the work ahead of me. That’s just the way it has to be. Serious results require serious effort and if you’re not serious about your preparation and training than you’re only going to embarrass yourself on game day, because I can guarantee that somewhere right now, someone is training harder than you.

Recently I announced my intentions to compete in the 2013 CrossFit Open. Doing well there will get me a spot in the regionals. A good showing at the regionals would be a huge accomplishment for me. Though I’ve been weight training, running, and obstacle racing for years now; I’ve only been Cross Training for the last half of this year. So far I’ve learned a lot of humbling lessons about what I thought I knew about fitness and strength. I’ve also gained a lot of insight into what I’m actually capable of if I put my heart into it and it’s inspiring.

I have a lot of work ahead of me between now and February 2013. I continue to be stumped by some of the gymnastics moves and I am slowly building up my weight on the Olympic lifts. Most Importantly I need to build up my cardio base. Not just as a runner but all around so that I can transition from one exercise to another without pause or need for a break. In competition a few seconds mean a lot and seconds wasted trying to catch your breath can be the difference between a podium and a runner up plaque.

People are watching me and judging me. I can feel it when I’m at the gym. As a trainer and coach I must live and perform to a higher standard than my trainees. Often that means training alone or at other times than them. It reminds me of my Drill Instructors in boot camp years ago. To us they seemed super human. Anything we could do they could do better, harder, faster, and longer and it was demoralizing to see them not even break a sweat on exercises that nearly killed us but now I understand how they did it and why. I have to learn these movements fast without the luxury of time or limited practice so that I can teach them to others and lead them in their own training.

So today is a training day. I will not cheat or go easy, I can’t afford to. I will not make excuses to fail but reason to excel. I will train as if the devil himself is whipping me and push my body to the limit. Somewhere at this moment my competition is making promises to destroy me and I have to make sure that promise gets broken.

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