Workout of the Day, October 7, 2012


It’s been awhile since we posted a workout while we’ve been rebuilding Legion Fitness. While today is technically a rest day I have been using the down time to practice my nemesis and Achilles heel; the Double-under!

Who would have ever thought such a seemingly simple move could be so hard to master. It is though and I am learning very quickly that relaxing and not over-thinking are the keys to this movement..

So simply put today’s workout is all about Jump rope.

20 Jumping Jacks
50 Single-unders
40 Double-unders

Today I’m also going to recommend you get out and go for a short jog or walk followed by some dedicated time with a foam roller. If your week has been anything like mine than your legs, glutes, and back will thank you.

As many of you know I have expressed my plan to compete in next year’s CrossFit open. I have begun a training program with that goal in mind and starting tomorrow will be posting my workouts, along with explanations why I do certain moves and focus on certain concepts. Also you will soon notice that Legion Fitness is moving towards more of a nutritional focus. By far I receive more questions about nutrition and diet than any other subject and have decided to address the questions on a weekly basis.

While my diet could technically be considered Paleo, I just call it common sense avoidance of crap that has no benefit to my body. I all about how I arrived on my current nutrition plan entirely by accident and how simple it is to fill your diet with healthy foods that will encourage fat-loss and good health.

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