Workout of the Day, September 1, 2012


Saturday morning’s Bootcamp is going to be a little different for my students and trainees. So far they’ve been doing workouts patterned after and borrowed from Cross Training and similar styles that incorporate weights and somewhat static positions. Tomorrow though I’m going to introduce them to some true Bootcamp staples and exercises. Also its going to push them past their comfort zone into some strenuous territory.

It’s easy for trainees to get so focused on their own ordeal and effort during a workout that they don’t realize that I am constantly evaluating them and looking for issues such as sticky points, muscle imbalances, and weakness of form. There is nothing random about the workouts we do or the order of the movements. All are designed to fatigue muscles in a pattern to help strengthen stabilizing units and force other large muscles to work more efficiently and together at the same time. Traditional body building type workouts are great for achieving a look, or aesthetic effect. All too often though isolated muscle training teaches the body to actually work against itself when it comes to moving its own mass through space.

As a recruit in Bootcamp at Parris Island, South Carolina I frequently engaged in training that was designed to literally keep me off balance. We trained on awkward equipment that tested our minds and nervous system as much as it did our muscles. Our bodies are dynamic creations designed to move in 3 dimensions. Unfortunately our modern lifestyles and habits have conditioned us to a 2 dimensional world so to speak. We have forgotten how to use our bodies to their fullest extent when it comes to physical training. We’ve forgotten how strong and flexible we really are.

Normally this is where I’d post the workout and give a detailed breakdown but not today. I know that many of my students come here to the website and I’d hate to spoil the surprise for them tomorrow. I can say that there will be Burpees involved, large tires, punching bags, and maybe a Kettlebell or two just for the hell of it.  See you before sunrise class.

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