Workout of the Day, August 28, 2012


Tuesday’s Workout is titled the “Triple 40.” It consists of two circuits of three exercises repeated for 12 minutes after a short run and 100 Jumprope turns. We’re going to work our foundation muscles with a few body-weight movements and some Plyometrics.


The trainees will warm-up with a 400 meter run around the complex then perform 100 jumprope turns to loosen up the legs and shoulders. Once completed we’ll head inside to begin our workout.


Workout 1:

40 Pushups ( must pause on the ground and raise your hands)

40 “Myo” or Swiss Ball crunches (pause at the top for 1 second)

40 Overhead Squats (using practice pipe)

Trainees will repeat this workout for as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes before a short break and transition to the next workout.


Workout 2:

40 Body-weight or Pipe Rows depending on ability

40 Slow Cadence Mountain Climbers

40 Standing Broad Jumps over a barrier

Again trainees will repeat this workout as many times as possible in a 12 minute period. Afterwards they will repeat the 400m run slowing to a walk for the last 100m.

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