Workout of the Day, Saturday August 25, 2012


I almost feel a little weak for posting this a day ahead of time but I’m excited about what we’ll be doing tomorrow in Bootcamp so I thought I’d share it with everyone.

Saturday is “Meet the Kettlebell” day and my trainees will be shaking hands with my favorite clump of cast iron. While there’s no denying the growth in the popularity of Kettlebell training I still feel it’s an under-utilized workout tool in most studios and gyms. The very shape and construction of the little cannonballs with handles makes them a challenge for both stability and strength. They’re also amazingly versatile. In fact just about any workout calling for dumbbells and even some barbell moves can be substituted with a Kettlebell. Just like Dumbbells they too are a great solution to addressing strength imbalances from one side of the body to another.

Without further ado; “Meet the Kettlebell!”

Warm-up is going to be a brisk jog around the building followed by 10 Burpees then another jog around the building, and 10 Pushups.

From there each trainee will find a Kettlebell and perform the following exercises in order.

20 Two Handed Kettlebell swings

20 Kettlebell Rows (10 per side)

24 Kettlebell Lunges (alternating steps)

10 Uneven Pushups per side (one hand resting on the Kettlebell the other on the floor)

10 Kettlebell Farmer Carries (50 ft. each way)

20 Kettlebell Goblet Squats ( elbows must touch knees or upper thighs, hip crease must be below the knee level)

8 Burpees w/ Kettlebell Deadlift ( I will demonstrate)

Once a trainee completes a round they will then repeat the round in reverse order.

This workout could also be broken up into timed circuit stations if preferred, each about a minute long with 20 seconds of rest.

Afterwards one more jog around the building transitioning to a walk at the halfway point.


Good Luck tomorrow class and rest up, you’re going to need it.

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